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1 French charts
2 Other charts
3 Reading and interpreting aeronautical charts

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carte Aeronautical charts

1 French charts (France and overseas)

All the French charts (VFR terminal area charts, IFR terminal procedures and IFR enroute charts) are freely available on the French Aeronautical Information Service web site (SIA) as PDF files

book Visual flight procedures charts (VAC Métropole)
book Instruments flight rules charts - Metropolitan France
book Instruments flight rules charts - Antilles, Guyane, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
book Instruments flight rules charts - Réunion, Mayotte and Iles Eparses
book DIRCAM French Military Aeronautical site) also provides a compilation of civil and military visual and instrument procedures.
book Other Aeronautical Information Services freely provide up-to-date aeronautical charts ; ( europe) lists the foreign AIS web sites links ; note that some of them require you register (free registration)
book NavData-Service (site maintained by Richard Stephan), a compilation of web sites that provide free aeronautical charts is also available on the excellent.

2 Other charts

book European AIS is a centralized reference database and an integrated AIS solution ; it freely provides. IFR charts for all European countries You will have to register (at no charge) to assess the available information.
book US airport diagrams, visual flight procedure charts, instrument departure, arrival and approach charts end enroute charts are freely available on some sites such as, or Skyvector.
book Jeppesen offers an extensive array of charting services and markets a FS dedicated charting software (SimCharts 3.0 for FS2004) that allows flight simulator users to sort, view, and print realistic Jeppesen terminal charts (SIDs, STARs, Approaches and Airport Diagrams) ; the entire chart library in SimCharts v3.0 has been updated to match FS2004 data.
book SimPlates, is another paying application that provides similar functionalities.
book Navigraph also provides worldwide IFR charts at a low cost and through a dedicated software application.
book The web site IVAO Flight Operations Department Aeronautical Charts provides aeronautical Charts - Real World AIP.

3 Reading and interpreting aeronautical charts

He will be made easier after you had a look to the Chart clinic reprints a series of articles on the subject of reading and using Jeppesen charts). The FAA NACO Aeronautical Chart User's guide . The Aeronautical Information Manual also covers the subject in one of its chapter..