Tour IFR 2024

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2024.... 2024 ? But it’s 2023 yet ! It’s Christmas before time on IVAO France, take off for 2024 from 2023 with this IFR tour !

Opening date and time

01/11/2023 11:00 UTC

Closing date and time

01/11/2024 11:00 UTC

Total distance

13899 NM

IVAO France Tracker V1.2

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General rules for tours

  • Those general rules for tours are applicable to all French division pilot's tours. Are excluded ATC tours and Special Operations tours. 
  • Some tours might have specific rules. In case of conflict, specific rules overrule general rules. 
  • All flight must be performed online on IVAO network, with real weather. They have to be accomplished in real time rate (simulation rate x1 only, accelerated mode prohibited) 
  • Legs must be accomplished in the published order 
  • Speed restrictions IAS<250kts below FL100 must be observed.
  • Maximum speed in cruise is M0.85 with a maximum FL450.
  • During cruise phases, a disconnection up to 20 minutes is tolerated, providing the fact that it does not disturb the network operation, especially under ATC coverage. Please report any disconnection in your pilot report. 
  • The use of UNICOM in text or voice mode, in absence of active ATC online, is MANDATORY. Legs might be rejected if not compliant. 
  • All legs must be validated by sending a pilot report. It is essential to read and understand validator's comment for each leg, including if the leg is validated. We advise to not pursue the tour without validation of previous leg. 
  • Pilot report must be sent within 12 days following the flight date. Any leg sent outside the window will be rejected. 
  • Pilot report must include list of ATC contacted during the flight, and procedures performed during the flight. 
  • A 'Direct to' is allowed, only with ATC instruction. Please mention any direct obtained in the pilot report. 
  • It is mandatory to disconnect from the network at the end of each flight. 
  • Pilots will be particularly aware of:
    • In IFR:
      • Parity Odd/Even
      • Minimum and maximum airways altitudes
      • Published procedures when ATC is offline
    • In VFR:
  • Take a really good care of your flight plan:
    • Flight plan with wrong or misspelled airports will be rejected
    • Filled equipment must be compatible with the aircraft
  • Prevailing flight plan will be the active one during take off
  • Operate the flights under military or any other Special Operation type is not allowed. Type of flight must only be G, S or N. 
  • It is requested to be connected on the network at least 2 minutes before take off, and stay connected at least 2 minutes after landing. This will allow the tracker to save your flight entirely. 
  • An IFR route, IFPS compliant at the time it is published, might be proposed on some legs. It is only a suggestion, you can perfectly fly your own route. 
  • One flight can only be reported once, for one leg on one tour, even if the leg can fit for 2 tours or more.
  • Flight as a crew of two pilots, with shared cockpit functionality, is permitted on division's tours. However, only the pilot "master" of the connection is allowed to fill a pirep. The second pilot, connected as an observer, will not be allowed to fill a report based on this flight. 
  • Should there is any follow-up or contestation after a leg validation, everything has to be sent only at Supported languages are English or French. They have to be sent no later than 7 days after leg validation.
  • The use of the IVAO France Tracker is optional on all tours, except Skills.

Rules specific to the IFR TOUR 2024 :

  • This tour is exclusively IFR. Only the I/IFR regime will be accepted.
  • Reserved for aircraft's category : C maximum.
  • Any driver who has completed this lap will be awarded the division award :

List of legs

1. LFOK - EICK519 NM- Details
2. EICK - EGPF281 NM- Details
3. EGPF - LFQQ418 NM- Details
4. LFQQ - LOWI381 NM- Details
5. LOWI - LYTV428 NM- Details
6. LYTV - LFGJ631 NM- Details
7. LFGJ - LBSF807 NM- Details
8. LBSF - UGTB958 NM- Details
9. UGTB - LGSR960 NM- Details
10. LGSR - LICC504 NM- Details
11. LICC - LFKF367 NM- Details
12. LFKF - LFOT505 NM- Details
13. LFOT - LXGB730 NM- Details
14. LXGB - LPPD980 NM- Details
15. LPPD - LFRB1128 NM- Details
16. LFRB - ENZV720 NM- Details
17. ENZV - EETN590 NM- Details
18. EETN - LZTT641 NM- Details
19. LZTT - LFPG695 NM- Details
20. LFPG - DTTA804 NM- Details
21. DTTA - LFTW492 NM- Details
22. LFTW - ELLX360 NM- Details
23. ELLX - LFBA400 NM- Details