French overseas territories

The France Division has the responsibility of the following overseas territories :

The French Antilles (TFFF, TFFG, TFFJ, TFFR), French Guyana (SOCA), Saint Pierre and Miquelon (LFVM, LFVP), French Polynesia (NTAA, NTAR, NTAT, NTAV, NTGC, NTGI, NTGJ, NTGK, NTGM, NTGT, NTGU, NTGV, NTMD, NTMN, NTMP, NTMU, NTTB, NTTG, NTTH, NTTM, NTTO, NTTP, NTTR), Reunion (FMEE, FMEP) and Mayotte (FMCZ), Nouvelle Calédonie (NWWD, NWWE, NWWL, NWWM, NWWR, NWWU, NWWV, NWWW), Wallis (NLWW) and Futuna (NLWF).

The overseas territories under the responsibility of the French Division are not managed within an 'FIR' but their activities (documentation and ATC tools, events, etc...) are assured by the departments of the Division (e.g. ATC Ops, Events, Flight Ops).

However, any good-willed person willing to contribute on the long term and with dynamism to the animation of these airfields is more than welcome to contact us at