SO Tools

You will find here a synthetic list of tools available for pilots and ATC with rules, charts etc...

1- Documentation and regulation of the Operational Air Traffic (OAT)

  • Instruction 950 DIRCAM (DIRection de la Circulation Aérienne Militaire)
         We can find here : All the OAT phraseology  in peacetime.

  • The MIAM GEN (Manuel d’Information Aéronautique Militaire GÉNéralités)
    We can find here : Services, proceedings, base indicators, etc...

  • The MIAM ENR (Manuel d’Information Aéronautique Militaire EN-Route)
    We can find here : Spaces, routes, supersonic axes, OAT type V, T, I, etc...

  • The MIAM Aérodromes (Manuel d’Information Aéronautique Militaire Aérodromes)
    We can find here : The military airfields and helistation list.

  • The « EN ROUTE France »
    We can find here : Beacons, emergency phraseology, military, prohibited, restricted and danger areas, etc...

2- Charts

  • The « A VUE »
         We can find here : Visual landing charts of civilian and military airfield

  • The MIAC 1 (Military Instrument Approach Chart 1)
         We can find here : Instrument approach (and departure) charts for military aircraft ON CIVILIAN airfields

  • The MIAC 2 (Military Instrument Approach Chart 2)
         We can find here : Instrument approach (and departure) charts for military aircraft (EXCEPT FIGHTERS) on military airfields

  • The MIAC 4 (Military Instrument Approach Chart 4)
         We can find here : Instrument and visual approach (and departure) charts for FIGHTERS on military airfields

  • The upper OAT airspace
         We can find here : OAT routes, beacons, military airspaces, air-to-air refueling axes etc...

3- Sector files

3-1 Airfields

  • LFBC (Cazaux)                                              ---------------------------------------------------              
  • LFBM (Mont de Marsan)                              ---------------------------------------------------                         
  • LFKS (Solenzara)                                             ---------------------------------------------------         
  • LFMI (Istres)                                                      ---------------------------------------------------      
  • LFMO (Orange)                                                  ---------------------------------------------------             
  • LFOA (Avord)                                                       ---------------------------------------------------             
  • LFOE (Evreux)                                                       ---------------------------------------------------           HERE         
  • LFOJ (Orléans Bricy)                                           ---------------------------------------------------                        
  • LFRJ (Landivisiau)                                              ---------------------------------------------------  
  • LFSI (Saint Dizier)                                             ---------------------------------------------------    
  • LFSO (Nancy Ochey)                                      ---------------------------------------------------                             
  • LFSX (Luxeuil)                                                ---------------------------------------------------               
  • LFTH (Hyères)                                              ---------------------------------------------------     

3-2 Air Defense Center

  • RAKI (North)                                                     ---------------------------------------------------             
  • MARINA (South-West)                                       ---------------------------------------------------           HERE                             
  • RAMBERT (South-East)                                   ---------------------------------------------------                               


4- Spécial opérations list

4-1 Wich Opérations can-I make ?

(The categories A, B, C, D and E will be explained in 4-2)

If I fly as Individual pilot :

Then you'll be able to use Cat. A, D and E.

If I fly in a group of pilot :

Then you'll be able to use Cat. A, D and E.

If I fly as FAF SOG pilot :

Then you'll be able to use Cat. A, B, C, D and E.

4-2 Categories detail


The bulk of Special Operations activities in the IVAO environment falls under this category. It is the collective term for all Special Operations activities that do not fall under Categories B through E. The term "Category A activity" will apply to activities performed by individuals, formation flights, Special Operations Groups (SOGs) and as a categorisation for HQ–SOD approved events.
Category A SO activities apply to, but are not limited to, the following Special Operations activities: firefighting, police, lifeliners, coast guard, search and rescue, medical and casualty evacuation, VIP flights (with possible escort), humanitarian operations, logistical (transport) operations, CIMIC, formation flights, air–to–air refueling, shipborne and aircraft carrier operations, low–level flights, tactical transport, AWACS operations, basic fighter maneuvers (BFM), combat air patrol (CAP), practice intercepts (PIs) etc.


Category B SO activities in the IVAO environment are defined by combative operations, both air–to–air (A–A) as well as air–to–ground (A–G). Category B activities consist of Advanced Combat Maneuvers (ACM), task group flights, combat air patrols and practice intercepts that are both meant to turn into ACM, scrambles and simulated targeting of both aircraft and ground objects. Due to the nature of Cat B activities, they are bound to a very specific set of conditions before they're permitted to be performed. These conditions will be explained further below.


Category C activities involve all SO activities that are due to be performed in countries/airspace that do not have an active division. Basically, all SO activities in non–active divisions are prohibited unless it is an event that is being organised under very strict regulations. The regulations will be explained in the events section below.


SO activities that fall into category D are activities in which aircraft only fly for a relative short amount of time, for the purpose of airshows, races etc. Category D activities relate to aircraft practicing for airshows/races or performing in an airshow/race itself. SO Fly–Ins also fall under Category D activities.


The Category E activities were once invented with organised practice events in mind. They're mainly meant for people to organise a get together to practice a specific set of procedures with a group of other people, i.e. air–to–air refueling. Category E activities can also be applied to individuals, formation flights or SOGs in case they are practicing a certain set of SO procedures and have setup a scenario in which they're only practicing one set of procedures repeatedly.

5-Execution rules

5-1 Supersonic flight

Supersonic flights are forbiden above France territory and within 20 NM of French coast :

  • When diving at all altitudes
  • When steady or climbing below FL330
  • In the areas defined in ENR 5.1.3 of MILAIP
  • Between 20h00 and 08h00 (night)

5-2 Airfield States (colors)


6- Few Callsings

LFBM (Mont De Marsan)

  • 1/30 Côte d'Argent : RAFALE B/C ; M2000 B/C/D/-5F ; ALPHAJET : CORIK  TBM 700 : VICOMPTE
  • 2/30 Normandie-Niemen : RAFALE B/C : RAYAK
  • 3/30 Lorraine : RAFALE B/C : ROGUES

LFBC (Cazaux)

  • ETO 01.008 Saintonge : ALPHAJET : RIVAGE
  • ETO 02.008 Nice : ALPHAJET : ROBIN / RIQUET
  • EE 03.008 Côte d'or : ALPHAJET : MARCOU

LFMO (Orange)

  • EC 02.005 Île de France : M2000 B/C : COTON

LFSI (Saint Dizier)

  • EC 01.004 Gascogne : RAFALE : MASTIFF
  • EC 03.004 Aquitaine : RAFALE : REQUIN

LFOA (Avord)

  • Esc 1/36 Berry // Esc 2/36 : E3F : ROXANE (Pilot callsing) / CYRANO (ATC callsing)

LFMI (Istres)

  • GRV 02.091 Bretagne : C135 FR / KC-135 : MARCOTTE

LFSX (Luxeuil)

  • EC 01.002 Cigognes : M 2000-5F : MARAUD

LFSO (Nancy Ochey)

  • EC 01.003 Navarre : M2000 D : COCA
  • EC 02.003 Champagne : M2000 D : CONDE
  • EC 03.003 Ardennes : M2000 D : COMIS
  • ETD 02.007 Argonne : M2000 D : CORTEX