SO Tools

You will find here a synthetic list of tools available for pilots and ATC with rules, charts etc...

1.OAT Documentation

You can found here all here all usefull informations available on DIRCAM (MilAip) website.

    1.1 En-route and airbases charts

En-route OAT chart, GAT chart, low altitude network chart.

Airbases charts:

  • MIAC 1 (Instrument charts procedures for military aircrafts on civilan airports).
  • MIAC 2 (Instrument charts procedures for military aircrafts on military airports).
  • MIAC 4 (Instrument charts procedures for jetfighters only on military airports).

    1.2 OAT flight manuals

Military Aeronautical Informations Manual (MIAM), all generals OAT procedures, en-route procedures and airbases procedures.

French en-route manual, all information from MilAip and French Aip.

Visual French manual, all informations about visual procedures for military aircrafts.

    1.3 OAT Instructions

All OAT informations.

Usefull instructions on IVAO is instruction 1950 (OAT phrasaeology) and instruction 3050 (low flight network). These documents are only in French.