Event department

Welcome to the Event department. Here you will discover who we are and what are our tasks within the France division.

The Event department is responsible of all events organised within the division.

In particular, we are in charge of:

  • define or validate the content of each event and manage its organisation
  • ensure the planification of all events and select the "HQ events" (events of international scale which are integrated into the HQ calendar)
  • promote every event via the division website, the FR and HQ forum, and the social networks
  • assign the pilot points needed to obtain the  "Pilot events" award

Given our responsibilities, we work in close collaboration with the FIR teams and with the AO and FO departments.

Department staff

FR-EC – France Event Coordinator
Liam Ivetonfr-ec@ivao.aero
FR-EAC – France Event Assistant Coordinator
Corentin Loiselfr-eac@ivao.aero
FR-EA1 – France Division Event Advisor 1
Arthur Leducfr-ea1@ivao.aero