Virtual airlines

You may fly on IVAO on your own or within a VA (Virtual Airline). All kinds of VA are available, proposing cargo flights, domestic or international, charters, VIP, general aviation, humanitarian,... Choose or build your own!

What is a virtual airline?

A Virtual Airline or VA is an organisation that aims to bring together virtual pilots around their common passion for aeronautics.

There are generalist VAs, where you will find all kinds of flights and aircraft to use, and more specialised VAs (cargo, regular, charter, VIP, general aviation, humanitarian, special operations) Some are inspired by real airlines, but many more are created specifically for simulation. Some VAs have a team of trainers and can eventually help beginners to initiate the pleasures of flying on the network.

Of the many VAs existing, only some are affiliated with IVAO. The IVAO certification within the France division is a guarantee of seriousness and activity of the VA. However, there is no requirement for members to register and fly under the callsign of their favourite VA, whether certified or not.

Finally... so many possibilities to create an original flight, fun and friendly.

The list of certified VA in France division is available here:

If you want to certify your VA in the IVAO France Division, go here.