ATC Operations department

Welcome to the ATC Operations (AO) department. Here you will discover who we are and what are our tasks within the France division.

The France ATC Operations (AO) department is responsible of all activities related to air traffic control within the territories under the responsibility of the IVAO France division. These territories include the Metropolitan France and the overseas departments.

In particular, we are in charge of:

  • managing and keeping updated the list of France ATC units and their associated frequencies
  • managing the FRAs (Facility Rating Assignment) of France ATC units
  • realising, validating and keeping updated the ATC tools needed on IVAO (Aurora sector files). It should be noted that we are not responsible of the sector files used within IvAc2 since they are developed by teams external to IVAO
  • realising, validating and keeping updated the ATC documents (MANEX, notes, schemes,...)
  • coordinating the realisation and ensuring the application of the LOAs (Letters of Agreement) internal to each FIR and between neighbouring FIRs, both managed by France division and by foreign divisions
  • validating the ATC planning realised for the events organised by the division
  • developing and realising activities specifically devoted to ATC.

Given our responsibilities, we work in close collaboration with the FIR teams and with the Events department.

To contact us, please use the following email address :

Department staff

FR-AOC – France ATC Operations Coordinator
FR-AOAC – France ATC Operations Assistant Coordinator
FR-AOA1 – France ATC Operations Advisor 1