ATC School

The ATC School is a cursus dispensed by the French Division Training Department and aims to provide both theoretical and practical basic skills as to handle a Tower position with correct and efficient manners on the IVAO network.

The ATC School comes back on March 5th at 20:00 UTC

How does it work?

Every student is assigned to an airfield and an examiner. The training includes both theoretical and practical courses. The student has a credit of 8 courses that must be performed in a time window of 6 months maximum. The 6-month rule is applied as soon as the student has been assigned a trainer and an airfield. The training can be stopped before the 8 courses have been performed if the trainer determines that the student has reached the learning objectives. The training airfield is elected by taking into account the wishes of the student, his initial level, as well as the number of student already studying on this airfield. The training is customised to each student's need, and take into account their personal objectives. The rules and regulations applying to the ATC School can be found here

ATC School Staff

The ATC School is under the responsibility of the Training Department which makes sure that the structure is running as intended and vouches for the quality of the teaching. All our trainers are voluntary , are at least ranked ADC  and are members of IVAO France Staff. They have been chosen for their teaching qualities, their availability and their passion for training. 

Aurélien Tourre (FR-TA2)ATC School Manager
Alexandre Didone (FR-T01)Trainer
Liam Iveton (FR-T02)Trainer
 Kevin Rabaud (FR-T03)Trainer
Corentin Loisel (FR-T07)
Paul Dugourd (FR-T09)Trainer

How to apply ?

Any members with an active status in France Division, ranked AS1   , AS2  or AS3  can apply to the ATC School, independently of the number of ATC hours performed on the network. The application shall be transmitted through the ATC School website using the link above. To confirm his application, each student must register for one of the informative meetings that take place monthly on the Discord server of the division (see here).  Access to registration for the information meeting may not be available immediately: do not panic ! Either there are no scheduled meetings yet, or the scheduled meetings have already reached the maximum student quota. An email will be sent to you as soon as a new meeting is scheduled. At the end of the meeting, depending on the availability of the trainer, the student is assigned to a trainer and an airfield. 

On which airport ?

Authorised airfields for ATCS training :


What is not offered by the ATC School?

The ATC School is not a right. It is a training opportunity that is aimed for motivated and passionate people, who possess minimum availability to enhance their IVAO ATC skills. Therefore, courses are only an help that is not a substitute to your motivation, your personal work and your autonomous practical training.

The ATC School is not a mandatory step to pass your ADC exam but offers only the possibility to train with a trainer. At the end of the standard training, the most motivated and gifted students can attend a complementary cursus named "Prép'ADC", who prepares them specifically to the ADC exam.

The training courses cannot take place in Paris (Orly LFPO and Charles de Gaulle LFPG) given the specific airspace restrictions prohibiting VFR traffic.

The ATC School does not train for approach control (APP) or en-route control (CTR). It is limited to the basics of tower (TWR), ground (GND) and delivery (DEL) control.

The ATC School does not provide flying lessons.


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