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  • 13:00 UTCMay 23, 2021

    Transavia Day

    Transavia day

    The Transavia Day!

    IVAO France 20th anniversary are you saying? That's it! And let's move on with it!

    I'm green (not of jealousy) from the outside to the inside, my destination panel covers the whole french territory. I am, I am... Well Transavia of course!

    We are so glad to introduce you to the Transavia Day!

    The principle is very easy: during 4 hours, 4 airports used by the airline as

FIR chiefs and animators

Fr ch
LFMM-CH – Marseille FIR France Chief
Fr ach
LFMM-ACH – Marseille FIR France Assistant Chief
Fr cha1
LFMM-CHA1 – Marseille FIR France Advisor 1

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