Special Operations department "SO"

Welcome to the Special Operations (SO) department. Here you will discover who we are and what are our tasks within the France division.

The Special Operations (SO) department is responsible for all extra-civil activities on the network.

This includes all military flights, test flights, police air missions, search and rescue missions as well as all rescue and inter-hospital flights.

In particular, we are in charge of:

  • Create and manage SO tour's in French division.
  • Ensure relations with Special Operations Groups (military VA) and manage their affiliation to the SO-HQ.
  • Develop, validate and keep up to date the tools and documents available on the IVAO France site.
  • Create SO events and edit the associated NOTAMs.
  • Regulatory watch on all the new and old rules published by the SO-HQ and apply them in division.
  • Coordination with neighboring SO departments and SO HQ department on events and other actions.
  • Monitoring of military activity on the network (regular inspection of the webeye and others to monitor SO actions carried out).

Low Level Network Activation Message

Department staff

FR-SOC – France Special Operations Coordinator
Erwan Grisonfr-soc@ivao.aero
FR-SOAC – France Special Operations Assistant Coordinator
Jules Van Caeneghemfr-soac@ivao.aero