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Training department

Welcome to the Training department. Here you will discover who we are and what are our tasks within the France division.

The Training department is responsible of all training and evaluation activities organised within the division.

In particular, we are in charge of:

  • organise the training sessions for both ATC and pilots (up to the ACC and CP ratings)
  • organise the exam sessions for both ATC and pilots (up to the ACC and CP ratings)
  • manage the French school of controllers (ATC School)
  • coordinate all the IVAO Trainers under the responsibility of the division
  • organise and update the training documentation of the division
  • organise thematic conferences

Given our responsibilities, we work in close collaboration with the FIR teams and with the AO and FO departments.

To contact us, one unique address: training@ivao.fr

Department staff

Fr tc
FR-TC – France Training Coordinator
Vivien Maurelfr-tc@ivao.aero
Fr tac
FR-TAC – France Training Assistant Coordinator
Yann Duboisfr-tac@ivao.aero

Training advisors

Fr ta1
FR-TA1 – France Division Training Advisor 1
Olivier Marsfr-ta1@ivao.aero
Fr ta2
FR-TA2 – France Division Training Advisor 2
Pierre Chevallierfr-ta2@ivao.aero
Fr ta3
FR-TA3 – France Division Training Advisor 3
Jérémie Cerverafr-ta3@ivao.aero
Fr ta4
FR-TA4 – France Division Training Advisor 4
Vincent Ichtertzfr-ta4@ivao.aero
Fr ta5
FR-TA5 – France Division Training Advisor 5
Remi Lescurefr-ta5@ivao.aero
Fr ta6
FR-TA6 – Training Advisor 6
Axel Carpentierfr-ta6@ivao.aero
Fr ta7
FR-TA7 – Training Advisor 7
Jeremy Bandama Atiamafr-ta7@ivao.aero


Fr t01
FR-T01 – France Division Trainer 1
Alexandre Pradierfr-t01@ivao.aero
Fr t02
FR-T02 – France Division Trainer 2
Bastien Rollandfr-t02@ivao.aero
Fr t03
FR-T03 – France Division Trainer 3
Robin Novakovicfr-t03@ivao.aero
Fr t04
FR-T04 – France Division Trainer 4
Julien Wilkinfr-t04@ivao.aero
Fr t05
FR-T05 – France Division Trainer 5
Baptiste Sellafr-t05@ivao.aero
Fr t06
FR-T06 – France Division Trainer 6
Julien Valletfr-t06@ivao.aero
Fr t07
FR-T07 – France Division Trainer 7
Théo Marchandfr-t07@ivao.aero
Fr t08
FR-T08 – France Division Trainer 8
Aurelien Tourrefr-t08@ivao.aero
Fr t10
FR-T10 – France Division Trainer 10
Julien Haeffelefr-t10@ivao.aero