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Welcome to the Bordeaux FIR!

This FIR gathers a great diversity of terrains, ideal for both IFR and VFR. There is something for all tastes and for all the reliefs: ocean, plain, beach, mountain, countryside and city.

We hope to find you quickly on a control or flight session on one of our courses!


The animation team of the Bordeaux FIR


  • 00:00 UTCDecember 4, 2021


    Crowded skies %281%29

    It is back !

    No, you are not dreaming: on Saturday 4th December, join us from 00:00UTC for the biggest and greatest of IVAO's events, the Crowded Skies XVI ! 

    The Crowded Skies, is the unmissable event on IVAO: involves dozens of countries worldwide providing extensive ATC coverage for literally thousands of online flights. We expect peak traffic to start building from 19:00 UTC so make sure you are able to join in and experience the

FIR chiefs and animators

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LFBB-CH – Bordeaux FIR France Chief
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LFBB-ACH – Bordeaux FIR France Chief Assistant

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