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Welcome to the Bordeaux FIR !

The team is glad to welcome you to the 100 airports and aerodromes spread over the 160,000 km² of our FIR. Here, you'll find yourself between sea, mountains, plains, islands and cities.

Among these airports are the famous Toulouse-Blagnac and Bordeaux-Mérignac, both in the top 10 in France. But wait, we also have a host of regional airfields perfect for beginners or those who want to get back to the basics of flying. We're talking about Limoges Bellegarde (LFBL), Poitiers-Biard (LFBI), Pau-Pyrénées (LFBP) and many others, ready to welcome you for an unforgettable flight.

So don't fuss! Whether you're a VFR addict looking for freedom or an IFR enthusiast looking for a challenge, there's bound to be an airfield to capture your interest in our Bordeaux FIR.

If you have a question, a suggestion, a need for ATC coverage for an ATC School training/module/exam, we're here to help.

And if you're just starting out in air traffic control, let us guide you towards ATC School training. You can find it in Bordeaux (LFBD), Toulouse (LFBO), Pau (LFBP) and even Biarritz (LFBZ). I promise, it's worth the diversions!

So we can't wait for your visit. Whatever the microphone, you'll get a warm welcome.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

David, Primaël, Romain, Robin & Jonathan.


  • 19:00 UTCMay 28, 2024

    Online Day: Olympic Edition

    Next stop: Bordeaux!

    Until the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in July 2024, we invite you to the Online Day: Olympic Edition. This new edition will continue to take place on Tuesday, every two weeks.

    The aim of this Olympic Edition : Discover the cities where the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be hosted. For this purpose, for each edition, a different airport will be put under the spotlight.

  • 13:00 UTCJune 2, 2024

    Full Staff Toulouse-Blagnac

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