You are a beginner (or maybe not a beginner after all) and you have a problem or a question on IVAO and its services? There is a great chance that you will find a proper answer within thin Frequently Asked Questions list!

Accounts and connection

I'm not registered at IVAO

Then you can register here.

The system says you cannot register? It's probably because you already have an account on IVAO. If this is the case, please contact the division membership coordinator and membership assistant coordinator at members@ivao.aero, and they will reactivate your account so you can use your original account.

I can't log in anymore

Members that have been inactive (not connected) to the IVAO network as pilot or ATC for a few months, are classified as being “inactive”. This means that they can no longer log on to the network and they no longer appear in the member list. Inactivation is an automatic process, the member's data are still available in the database, but they are no longer shown.

If you can remember your ID, the solution is very easy: just go to this page


and replace the “xxxxxx” with your ID. By clicking on “Reactivate Account” your account will be automatically reactivate within 15 minutes.

If you can't remember your password, go to the password reminder page here and enter your VID, your password will be mailed to the e-mail address stated in your personal details.

If you don't remember your VID, send a message to the Members Department at members@ivao.aero or XX-mc@ivao.aero or XX-mac@ivao.aero (where XX is the two letter code of your division) with your name and surname, e-mail used at registration and they will send your ID as soon as possible.

For any problem with our Teamspeak servers, please check our forum F.A.Q. here.

Welcome back to IVAO!

I have created two accounts in error

If you have created two accounts in error and wish to keep only one and merge your hours, it is possible. Please contact the division membership coordinator and membership assistant coordinator at xx-mc@ivao.aero and xx-mac@ivao.aero (where xx is the two letter code of the division). They will delete the newer account and add your hours to the old account.

I am missing an award

In that case, please contact members@ivao.aero. They will verify any awards you should have.
For divisional awards, please contact directly the division concerned.

My hours have not been updated

First of all, it should be noted that the connection times as a pilot or ATC are updated every day at 12:00 UTC. If you fly in the middle of the day, the hours will be visible on your profile the next day at noon (UTC).

Nor are hours counted when the pilot remains inactive on the ground for a very long time: the system considers this as sandbagging and does not count the hours. If your connection has been considered as sandbagging, you will be able to see before noon (UTC) a note in the "staff comments" field on your profile.

Finally, if the situation does not appear in the two cases mentioned above, it may be that when you logged in as a pilot you unfortunately ticked the box "Connect me as a FOLLOW ME". Follow me hours are not counted. To be sure, go to the tracker https://tracker.ivao.aero and check the column "Connection Type", if it says FOLM it is because you have logged in as follow me. In the future, remember to uncheck the box.

PS: In case of server problems, the hours may not be updated at all.

How can I change my division?

According to rule 4.1.6 a member may request a division transfer at any time, however all transfers are subject of approval by the members prospective division and the Membership Department.

Send the request to xx-hq@ivao.aero and yy-hq@ivao.aero with CC to members@ivao.aero (in only one mail).

Replace XX by the 2-letter code of your current division (information only) YY by the 2-letter code of the target division (needs approval).

In the Subject line include Division Transfer and your ID 123456 (replace 123456 by your id number).

In case you have a pending practical exam, please finish the exam first or request cancelation from the Training department.

Only one transfer is allowed per year (if you already had a transfer you can not request another transfer in 12 months)

I lost my passwords

You have to resquest passwords from here.

You should be able to connect on IVAN, 15 minutes after the request.

I want to change account's email address

If you wish to change account's  email address, you can contact members@ivao.aero by providing the new desired mail address and the old address or a document containing name, first name and birthdate.

The document must be a Identity card, a passport or a student card (required by membership HQ rules), the others informations are unnecessary and can be hidden.  Know that once the verification is done, the document will not be kept.


How to propose an event ?

You have an idea and you want to share it ?

"Propose your event" section is coming soon...

What is the difference between a full staff and an Event ?

A full staff is managed by FIR Chiefs, platforms animators, or members. This animation type consist of opening all positions on a terrain for a few hours.

An event is managed by Event Department, in collaboration with FIR chiefs. An event is defined by an idea and stand out by its originality, its scale, and traffic amount it can bring together.

How to be part of an event as a pilot ?

Everyone can participate to an event as a pilot.

You just need to read event description to know the theme and instructions.

How to be part of an event as ATC ?

In order to be an ATC on an event, you need to contact either FIR Chiefs, or Event Department.

For each event, an ATC schedule is created, and members are selected regarding their management capacity, rating, and behavior on the network.

Can i participate to an event if I'm not a member of the division ?

France Division events are open to any IVAO member.

Where can I find upcoming events ?

Go to page upcoming events !

How are events scheduled ?

Events are scheduled regarding their nature, scale and timeframe.
There is an average of 5 major events duing the year, and around thirty of minor events.

How to get the pilot event award ?

To get this award, you need to have 10 pilot points. Some events are eligible to pilot point, rules to respect in order to get this point are written on each event dedicated page, or post forum and you need to send your flight report after the event.

How to fill a flight report to get a pilot point ?

You can find the button to send it on the event page.