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  • 19:00 UTCMay 21, 2019
  • 18:00 UTCMay 26, 2019

    European elections 2019

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    On the next May 26th, citizens of the European community are called to elect their representatives.
    Diplomatic excahnges between Brussels and Strasbourg will be great. But, on the evening of May 26th, deputies will also fly between those two european centers. 
    So we need planes and pilots. In control of your most refined airplane, fly between Brussels and Strasbourg from 18:00z to 20:00z. 

    For every flight on this event, Pilots will receive 1 point for the "Pilot event award" 

  • 10:00 UTCJune 8, 2019

    Marseille-Provence RFE


    Welcome to Marseille-Provence!

    We hope you will enjoy to fly with us, and particularly enjoy the full ATC coverage over the Mediterranean Sea. We may proudly announce some exciting features and surprises during that afternoon. 

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    (Bookings open on May 18th)

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