Upcoming events

  • 14:00 UTCJuly 13, 2024

    European Championships Fly-In Berlin

    Click HERE to access IVAO forum post detailing every piece of information there is to know about this event.

  • 11:00 UTCJuly 14, 2024

    Défilé du 14 Juillet

    French National Day celebrations!

    It is with great pride and excitement that we welcome you to an exceptional event : the 14 of July virtual parade of IVAO France Division. On this holiday for France, we have brought together virtual pilots to celebrate the excellence and diversity of our SO community through a spectacular air show. This parade, which highlights the skills and coordination of our members, is the result of many hours of preparation
  • 16:00 UTCJuly 25, 2024

    2024 Paris Olympic Games opening ceremony

    Welcome to Paris!

    IVAO French division is delighted to invite you to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games opening ceremony!  For such a special event, we have planned various surprises for you in the form of two events: one for the opening, and one after the closing ceremony.

    Every IVAO division has been invited to join us on this special day. Believe us, there will be plenty of aircraft to go around!

    In order to