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Upcoming events

  • 16:00 UTCMarch 7, 2021

    Continental Online Day - Americas


    It's time to see bigger, to watch on the other side of the Atlantic, to visit… America !

    Yo Ho Seamen and Airmen, we are heading to the West, to discover the New Continent, set under the spotlights during one evening: on 7th March 2021 we are joining our American neighbours to enjoy the Continental Online Day - Americas. Join the party by controlling La Guyane, Martinique or even the Guadeloupe. More fancy

  • 16:00 UTCMarch 7, 2021

    Superflight LEMG - LFRS

    Lfrs lemg 1200x800 00000

    At last, winter is coming to an end and you are all looking forward to going back to the delicate and subtle warmth of sand and sea. We have got it all planned for you! Come and fly with us between "La costa del sol" otherwise known as Málaga (LEMG), and the Brittanian coast of Nantes (LFRS).
    This event will last 4 hours, allowing you to go back and forth if you want to!