Upcoming events

  • 19:00 UTCOctober 26, 2021

    Online Challenge Day

    Banniere challengeday v00.1

    Time to get back to it!

    This year, we are proud to produce new concepts, at least regarding our Online Day, as we decided to introduce an enhanced formula for the months to come: Online Day becomes Online Challenge Day.

    Like the Online Day before, our new Event is taking place every 2 weeks, on Tuesdays and it will henceforth allow you to freely fly across France or open

  • 19:00 UTCNovember 3, 2021

    Bordeaux-Amsterdam airbridge

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    Bienvenue aux Pays-Bas - Welkom in Frankrijk !

    Join us in a two-way airbridge between the beautiful region of Bordeaux, known for its wines, and Amsterdam known for its channels and eeehm...... some other stuff. One thing is for sure, the landscapes will be tremendous from departure to arrival.


    Just decide your aircraft, board your passenger and get a few