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  • 17:00 UTCJuly 1, 2022

    Wine connection



    Summer is here... Beach, sun, barbecues, cold drinks... but also rosé wines! A massive order of the best Slovak wines is awaiting at Piešťany, bound to France, when in the meantime, French Alsatian wine is standing still and waiting for you to pick it up to Slovakia...

    On Friday, July 1st, from 17:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC, we invite you for a dual airbridge between Piešťany (LZPP) and

  • 19:00 UTCJuly 5, 2022

    Online Challenge Day

    Banniere challengeday v00.1

    Mess in Paris!

    Here are the details for the Online Challenge Day, on July 05th  2022:

     The challenge

    Paris ACC encounters some tools issues... You have to bring the best ATC and aeronautical engineers in Paris-Le Bourget to find solutions!

    As ATC are overbooked, you could test