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Demat !

Is it really necessary to introduce the biggest FIR in France (thanks to Ocean !) with its legendary landscapes ?

Whether it is on international airports with huge trafic (Nantes is in the Top 10 in France), on regional airports (Brest, Rennes, Quimper, Lorient, Caen, to mention a few !), or tiny airfields that will provide with their secrets, you will easily find a starting point for your trips from/to West Coast.

With our mythical sense of hospitality, we welcome all flight rules, both civil and military, don't forget naval aviation which is very well represented in the FIR.

We are therefore counting on your visit very soon. Whether for cultural tourism (don't forget the "Mont Saint Michel", the "alignment de Carnac", the "Marches de Bretagne", or even Etretat !), Gastronomic, or simply to share a good time, it is in our FIR that you need to come!

Kenavo, and see you soon in Brittany!

Hugo, Sylvain, Loick & Ludo


  • 10:00 UTCApril 2, 2023

    Destination Iran


    Here we go again!

    Nowruz, meaning new day in Persian, is the Persian new year, celebrated worldwide by various ethnolinguistic groups.

    Several possibilities exist for you to choose from them. Ready, steady, go!


    Here are the different options:

    • Bound to Imam Khomeini International (OIIE), from:
      • Nantes (LFRS) between 1000z and 1230z :
        ANG UL976 OBATO UM163 TABOV UN491 BEGAR N491 ZUE Z163 NUNRI T103

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