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Welcome on the Reims FIR section.

You will find here all the needed information for opening ATC positions and flying in the North-East area of France. The Reims FIR Chiefs and all our dynamic animators are here to provide you with a pleasant and quality experience.

Dorian & Emilien


  • 19:00 UTCMay 21, 2019
  • 18:00 UTCMay 26, 2019

    European elections 2019

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    On the next May 26th, citizens of the European community are called to elect their representatives.
    Diplomatic excahnges between Brussels and Strasbourg will be great. But, on the evening of May 26th, deputies will also fly between those two european centers. 
    So we need planes and pilots. In control of your most refined airplane, fly between Brussels and Strasbourg from 18:00z to 20:00z. 

    For every flight on this event, Pilots will receive 1 point for the "Pilot event award" 

FIR chiefs and animators

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LFEE-CH – Reims FIR France Chief
Fr ach
LFEE-ACH – Reims FIR France Assistant Chief

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