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Welcome on the Reims FIR section

You will find here all the needed information for opening ATC positions and flying in the North-East area of France. The Reims FIR team is here to provide you with a pleasant and quality experience.

The FIR is divided in 3 SIVs : the Basel SIV, the Strasbourg SIV and the Lille SIV with platforms such as Metz-Nancy-Lorraine LFJL, Strasbourg LFST, Bâle LFSB, Dole LFGJ, Dijon LFSD, Lille Lesquin LFQQ, Le Touquet LFAT and many other civils, military and helipads to discover.

You will thus find your pleasure in the VFR or IFR, by visiting beautiful lakes or by flying over our mountains. Don't hesitate to stop for a drink ! 

To help the new controllers, ATC School trainings are available at Basel, Strasbourg and Lille.

Very good playing to you ;) 


  • 20:00 UTCFebruary 1, 2022

    Online Challenge Day

    Banniere challengeday v00.1

    And we keep going...

    Now comes the time for a new challenge. Since the previous 4 months showed a great success for a Online Challenge Day, we are pleased to announce they are back for a few more months!

    Here are the details of the Online Challenge Day, on 1st February 2022 :

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LFEE-ACH – Reims FIR France Assistant Chief

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