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Welcome on the Reims FIR section.

You will find here all the needed information for opening ATC positions and flying in the North-East area of France. The Reims FIR Chiefs and all our dynamic animators are here to provide you with a pleasant and quality experience.

To help the new controllers, ATC School trainings are available at Basel, Strasbourg and Lille.


  • 19:00 UTCSeptember 29, 2020

    Online Day

    Banni re onlineday 20ans

    During our 20th Anniversary too, Online Day is once every 2 week from 21:00 to 23:00 local time ! 

    France Division and each FIR put in the spotlights territories or airport each online day edition.

    Tuesday 29th September 2020

    Paris FIR : Saint Cyr l'École (LFPZ) 

    Reims FIR : Strasbourg (LFST)
    Marseille FIR : Perpignan (LFMP)

    Bordeaux FIR : Toulouse and Bergerac (LFBO

FIR chiefs and animators

Fr ch
LFEE-CH – Reims FIR France Chief

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Lille AnimatorVacant 
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