Special Operations - List of approved members

You will find here the list of Special Operation Groups (SOG) and of the members (freelance or belonging to a SOG) authorized to fly in the framework of SO activities in France division.

The SO HQ department rules, together with those specific to France division about SO (Special Operations) flights, state that only authorized members whose VID is included in the France division SO Order have the right to perform flights within SO, as they are defined in the rules cited above.

The following lists indicate the SOG (Special Operation Group) and their pilots, and the freelance pilots, who have been authorized by the France division SO department.

Every member performing any kind of SO activity, within a SOG or as a freelance, and whose VID is not included in the following lists is subject to disciplinary actions.

Special Operation Groups (SOG)

SOG nameSOG responsibleWeb SiteList of SOG pilots
French Air ForceSebastien M. (507871)


Alexandre R. (195535)

Sebastien M. (507871)

Philippe B. (169784)

Frederic K. (234718)

Lenny C. (432308)

Eric B. (449445)

Marc L. (116814)

Serge T. (209125)

Alexis C. (173186)

José D. (157293)

Frédéric B. (430961)

Alain K. (169459)

Pascal C. (206156)

Patrick G. (156414)

Dominique D. (147674)

Bernard L. (136844)

Thierry G. (435709)

Virtual Ministry of Defence (UK)Jack P. (288437)


Aran E. (405425)

Ben L. (329627)

Danny R. (306926)

Dan L. (405424)

Jamie M. (318087)

Jack M. (532049) 

Ryan M. (419127)

Jack P. (288437)

Dan W. (520717)

Craig S. (611517)

Cameron M. (423935)

Lewis C. (611187)

Alexander C. (288770)

Jon R. (301048)

Chris G. (506896)

Freelance pilotes

If your name appears in orange, this means that your inclusion within the SO Order is ongoing. Nevertheless, you are referenced in the divisional list and are allowed to perform SO activities.

Alexandre R.195535FR
Jack P.288437XU
Cédric Z.338963FR
Erwan G.439418FR
Baptiste S.529524FR
Loïck B.602401FR
Florent S.420571FR
Christian K.241844FR

Romain B.



Robin T.606244FR
Remi L.110165FR
Maxime H.358892FR
Bruno A.455006FR
Sylvain L.182296FR
Etienne B.432261FR
Paul C.574582FR
David V.566693FR
Alexis C.173186FR
Daniel D.566478FR
Thomas R.606515FR
Noel B.207155FR
Joey S. 200696 FR
Antoine R.616767FR
David C.443581FR
Augustin G.597373FR
Eliott S.473911FR
Felipe N.598018FR
Etienne S.157774FR
Yann D.183346FR
Elodie P.515923FR
Romain F.241883FR
Loic M.493924FR
David B.402730FR
Romain V.626561FR
Jeremy G.158365FR
David R.615869FR
Pierre Louis P.602708FR
Martial C.169590FR
Adrien C.483012FR
Christophe S.470722FR
Frédéric L.331008FR
Kylian LM.588367FR
Lucas S.618130FR
Armel B. 619625FR
Dylan A.464060FR
Carl T.563842FR
Alexandre D.584630FR
Michael L.503658FR
Felix R.580669FR
Kévin R.629343FR
Maxime V.433362FR
Hugo G.498591FR
Jordann F.454953FR
Benjamin C.626269FR
Primaël B.577085FR
Martin LP.520346FR
Malcom P.481060FR
Stéphane D.655878CH
Alexandre B.472076FR
Arthur P.610369FR
Quentin B.209264FR
Corentin R.644748FR
Antoine C.525737FR
José P.157293FR
Dylan D.374295FR
Léo P.628998FR
Quentin F.301586FR
Théo M.614451FR
Kévin Z.508685FR
Ludovic T.599380FR
Hugo M.640294FR
Léo C.429982FR
Hugo B.648023FR
Patrick M.485638FR