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Welcome to the IVAO France division website. The goal of the IVAO network is to freely offer to flight simulation enthusiasts a multi-user environement as close as possible to the reality including realtime ATC services, training activities for people who want to improve their skills, various events and other opportunities

Online Challenge Day
5 July | 19:00z

Here are the details for the Online Challenge Day, on July 05th  2022:  The challenge Paris ACC encounters some tools issues... You have to bring the best ATC and aeronautical engineers in Paris-Le Bourget to find solutions! As ATC are...

Banniere challengeday v00.1


A full tour without any RNAV capacity on your aircraft. Only conventional navigation, VOR and NDB, from take-off to landing.  Skills Tracker is available for all legs, on pilot's choice Attention, 9 legs of this tour are not by default able for FS2020...


C160 Transall farewell tour

With your Transall, C130, A400m, or your favorite military turboprop, complete the 17 legs of the farewell tour of the C160 Transall. These legs will take you across France, drop parachutists, perform low passes, etc..  For almost each legs, a route is...

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Where is Calvi ?

Have you ever played "Where's Charlie"? Don't worry, we're not going to ask you to find a tower, a runway or a hidden plane among hundreds of others! This tour will take you to Calvi, while admiring our beautiful French regions from the sky! But don't get...

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Summer Job Tour

All those tourists awaiting to be transfered into their vacation plans. And who shall transport them into their accomodation? Well, that's you mate! Transport all passagers before August 31st, that's your Summer Job

Job dete 4

Where to start?

You are an IVAO beginner and you are a bit lost. It's normal!
If you want to fly within our network, or control, or both, you will find here the first three steps to follow.

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Activation Hebomadaire de zones (06:00z – 15:00z)

Activation of D 12, D 33, D 32, D 31D, D67 and TSA 34 A&N.

France division tours

Summer Job Tour

All those tourists awaiting to be transfered into their vacation plans. And who shall transport t...

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