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Welcome to the IVAO France division website. The goal of the IVAO network is to freely offer to flight simulation enthusiasts a multi-user environement as close as possible to the reality including realtime ATC services, training activities for people who want to improve their skills, various events and other opportunities

Online Day: Riddle Edition
6 June | 19:00z

Since September, every two weeks, two versions of the Online Day will take place. The first one is the Online Day Busy Edition. The principle is very easy: fly from and to the French territory during the evening. The second version possible is the...

Banniere riddleedition v002

Les 24h du Mans
9 June | 19:00z

In 2023, we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the first edition that took place in 1923. The race is expected to start at 16:00 local time, on Saturday, June 10th. On Friday, June 9th, from 19:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC, we are hoping to see you at Le Mans...

24h du mans


A full tour without any RNAV capacity on your aircraft. Only conventional navigation, VOR and NDB, from take-off to landing.  Skills Tracker is available for all legs, on pilot's choice Attention, 9 legs of this tour are not by default able for FS2020...



Cold or Hot, North or South, come challenge the elements on the 23 flights of this high-season tour !

The seasons'tour 10

Marcel Goulette Raid's Tour 2022 - 2023

Dive back into the 30s, with its aerial exploits, including this one, so Frenchy, and follow in the footsteps of the aviator Marcel Goulette and his crew who, aboard their Farman 304 (F-AJJB), were the first to connect the French metropol to the island of...

Tour du raid marcel goueltte 1

Flying Islands

The overseas territories, these scattered islands and so little visited, let us remedy this by going to the discovery of these lands with magical landscapes with the ocean out of sight, from the Pacific, to the Indian Ocean, through the Atlantic, let us...

Banni%c3%a8re z'iles

Pilot Skills 2023-2025 : A Flight Odyssey

23 legs to challenge you with demanding procedures, a tight schedule, on any type of aircraft and flight. Would you accept the challenge, and take the flight for this second edition of the PilotSkills tour?

Pst 3.80

Where to start?

You are an IVAO beginner and you are a bit lost. It's normal!
If you want to fly within our network, or control, or both, you will find here the first three steps to follow.

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Weekly area activation. (10:00z – 17:00z)

Activation of TRA9, TRA22, TRA40, TRA44 et D192.

France division tours

Flying Islands

The overseas territories, these scattered islands and so little visited, let us remedy this by go...

Where is Calvi ?

Have you ever played "Where's Charlie"? Don't worry, we're not going to ask you to find a tower, ...