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Welcome to the IVAO France division website. The goal of the IVAO network is to freely offer to flight simulation enthusiasts a multi-user environement as close as possible to the reality including realtime ATC services, training activities for people who want to improve their skills, various events and other opportunities

Online Challenge Day
26 October | 19:00z

This year, we are proud to produce new concepts, at least regarding our Online Day, as we decided to introduce an enhanced formula for the months to come: Online Day becomes Online Challenge Day.Like the Online Day before, our new Event is taking place...

Banniere challengeday v00.1


A full tour without any RNAV capacity on your aircraft. Only conventional navigation, VOR and NDB, from take-off to landing. Skills Tracker is available for all legs, on pilot's choiceAttention, 9 legs of this tour are not by default able for FS2020 users,...


ATC Tour

There it is ! After 2 years of waiting, here comes the long awaited "ATC Tour" !Participate and choose your favourite trios in every of the Division's FIRs and open 2 of the suggested positions !Questions and remarks are to be addressed to the French ATC...


Tour Overseas

Focused on the long-haul, this tour will take you on a visit of all the French overseas territories : from the Antilles to New Caledonia via Réunion Island and St Pierre and Miquelon, set off under the tropical sun ! But these places of dreams deserve; so...

Tour outre mer

A Tour In Scarlet

Due to the specificity of some puzzles, which are not translatable properly, and some parts of the tour really focused on French culture references, the Tour in Scarlet is only available in French language. You are more than welcome in other tours of the...



After a long gloomy period, it's time to get away from it all and revisit the French cultural heritage. History, gastronomy, architecture, and of course the beauty of the territory are on the program for this VFR tour which will take you to the 4 corners of...


Where to start?

You are an IVAO beginner and you are a bit lost. It's normal!
If you want to fly within our network, or control, or both, you will find here the first three steps to follow.

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France division tours

A Tour In Scarlet

Due to the specificity of some puzzles, which are not translatable properly, and some parts of th...

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