Pilot and ATC trainings

Do you want to improve your flying or ATC skills, assess your knowledge or prepare an exam? You will find here all procedures to take benefit of the pilot and ATC training sessions in our division.

The whole Training Department is available to provide you with training in order to answer your questions and to have online time with a trainer to be mentored. 

General conditions in order to request a training

  • To request a training, it is necessary to pass the corresponding rank theoretical exam.
  • Any exam request cancels any training request.
  • The training objectives are determined with the trainee: exam preparation, refresher, theoretical training, advice. The member is asked to provide his objectives during the request.
  • Check the pertinence of your email address as the trainers will only use this address to contact you and determine the practical aspects of your exams.
  • It is required to be available during the 2 or 3 upcoming weeks.
  • Trainers are voluntary, give their free time and are not paid by IVAO. Therefore, they expect a minimum of courtesy and politeness.
  • ATC School students cannot benefit from trainings during their cursus.
  • When you make your request, please provide us with your availability and the intended airfield.
  • A minimum time of 15 days is required between a failed exam and a training request as to reflect on the debriefing and the mistakes.
  • A minimum time of 2 months is required after a successful exam and a new training request for an higher rank.
  • The Training department has the right to block an user from requesting trainings during 6 months at least under exceptional circumstances (behaviour, breaking the R&R...).

Pilot Training

  • For pilots, the trainer suggests a flight with associated theoretical and/or practical exercises, depending on the rank. In accordance with the objectives, the help may be different. A training is not performed as to make a mock exam, but rather help the members to improve specific items. The division does not provide ATP-level training.
  • For pilot training, it is a requirement to handle accordingly your simulator and IVAp.
  • Trainings may be planned during weekdays and weekends, as well as from the morning until the evening, accordingly with your trainer's availability.

ATC Training

  • For ATCs, the trainer supervises a control session. The position shall be the intended one for the exam. In accordance with the objectives, the help may be different. A training is not performed as to generate much traffic, but is provided to help members to progress on specific items. The division does not provide SEC-level training.
  • For ATC training, it is required to have been connected at least once per week during the four last weeks preceding the request.
  • ATC training are solely scheduled during evening (starting at 9pm local time) from monday to saturday, exceptionally on sunday. The intended position must be authorised accordingly (list available on this website, Training section, Exam page, under ATC Exams part).
  • HAL Training: This training is only provided for APC level. It uses a specific server to generate traffic. Preceding rules apply to the exception of scheduling that can be made thorough the day. All trainers are not trained to this tool. Depending on existing requests, request treatment may be longer.

Request a training

  • The training request is only made through your training page named "My Training page" by clicking on "Request an ATC training" or "Request a pilot training"
  • For any question, feel free to contact us at: training@ivao.fr