ATC Tour


There it is ! After 2 years of waiting, here comes the long awaited "ATC Tour" !

Participate and choose your favourite trios in every of the Division's FIRs and open 2 of the suggested positions !

Questions and remarks are to be addressed to the French ATC Department :

Opening date and time

08/06/2020 00:05 UTC

Closing date and time

30/06/2022 23:59 UTC

Nombre min. d'étapes à effectuer



  • This ATC tour is composed of 20 ATC sessions (legs).
  • Every participant must choose at least 1 trio in every FIR from the list available here. In each of these trio you will find the following ATC units: an Area Control Center (ACC), a major airport (composed of an APP and a TWR) and a minor airport (composed of a TWR). The participant must perform two legs in the chosen trio.
  • Every participant can perform an ATC session for this tour any day of the week at any time with a limit of one leg per day.
  • Every participant is only allowed to choose twice the same trio (major and minor airport).
  • Every session must last for minimum 2 hours.
  • Controlling with Voice mode on is mandatory.
  • A good standard ATC service is required. Every controller will have to make himself acquainted with the procedures applicable on each position and available in the ATC Tools.
  • Anyone registered in a foreign division and owning a GCA in the France Division is allowed to take part in this tour.
  • The following positions are excluded from this tour: GND (Ground), DEL (Delivery) and DEP (Departure).
  • Every planned ATC Session linked with a participation in this tour can be published in a post on the dedicated forum available here. Booking the HQ ATC Planning is also recommended.
  • Every leg must be reported and submitted for validation by the division ATC Operations department. One point is attributed for each validated session. Anyone having cumulated 20 points will be awarded with the « ATC Events Award ».