ATC Tour 2017

This tour is finished.

Frenchatc tourb

Discover the French airports and improve your ATC skills !

Opening date and time

31/01/2017 00:00 UTC

Closing date and time

04/02/2018 23:59 UTC

Nombre min. d'étapes à effectuer



  1. The ATC Tour is composed of 10 control shifts (legs).
  2. A member can do one control shift for the Tour any day in the week with a limitation of one shift per calendar week. The shift must take place between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Metropolitan France Time.
  3. Each IVAO member registered in the French Division or in an alien Division with a French GCA can take part in the Tour without any ratings restrictions.
  4. A participating member must choose between 5 “trios” from the list available here. Each “trio” is composed with a Control Centre (CTR), a major airport (APP or TWR) and a minor airfield (TWR). The member must then choose two positions for each “trio”.
  5. The approved positions for the Tour are the following : the Control Center (CTR), the Approach (APP) or the Tower (TWR) for the major airports; the Tower (TWR) for the minor airfields. These positions are situated in Metropolitan France or in the DOM-TOM under the French Division responsibility. Every other positions : Ground (GND), Delivery (DEL) and Departure (DEP) are excluded from the Tour.
  6. Every shift must last at least 2 hours and be booked on the ATC Planning.
  7. Every shift must be voiced controlled using TeamSpeak. The official ICAO languages spoken in France are French and English.
  8. A control of quality is demanded. Every ATC must read and understand the the procedures in force on every airfield controlled.
  9. At the end of every shift a report must be send through Nungesser 
  10. After validation of a report one point will be issued to a member. No more than one point is issued per leg.
  11. The ATC Tour will end on 04/02/2018. It will be impossible to begin the Tour after the 03/12/2017. 
  12. If any questions or doubts concerning the Tour should rise please contact the French AO Department :,
  13. Each member having accumulated 10 points will be issued the ATC Events Award :