Super Saturday

At the occasion of the Global Online Day, France division is proud to invite you to our crazy day, from 14:00UTC to 17:00UTC ! 

- It all starts at14:00UTC, with the second chapter of the Rennes Cargo Balance : you were a few pilots to fly to or from Rennes, but unfortunately the total is not balanced !! Rennes is missing several tons, so Bâle proposed fill the gap. Therefore fly from Bâle to Rennes to fill this shortfall !

 - From 17:00UTC, Bordeaux FIR invites you to its event between Châteauroux and Toulouse !

- From 18:00UTC and during 3 hours, IVAO's World proudly presents Global Online Day. Book the ATC position you want to, or fly as you wish. In addition, France division also invites you to join us with : 

  • busy airbridge between Zurich and Orly, organised with Switzerland Division,
  • the Mediterranean Overload, with Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Algeria et Croatia divisions.

- finally, from 21:00UTC to 23:00UTC, enjoy sunshine in French Polynesia, and the great view. booking is at discretion, do not hesitate.