Provoke your own Destiny!

For one evening, challenge your astrological sign : as you will get closer from Ajaccio, you shall discover what the future is made of. Your sign means one action you will be instructed to realise, but there is no way you find out until the very last minute.holding patterns, go around or safe landing, in what extend do you believe in your luck ?

To take to this challenge, you need to:

  • Fly inbound Ajaccio (LFKJ)
  • State your astrological sign in the remark of your flightplan "RMK/CANCER"
  • Get ready for: holding pattern on navaids or fix around Ajaccio, one go-around or a landing clearance
  • Complete the action instructed and safely land at Ajaccio.

Event rules

This event will be awarded with one point for "pilot event award"   to every pilot who:

- fly at least one flight to Ajaccio (LFKJ), between 19:00UTC and 21:00UTC