This year is very special to our division because this year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary

20, it's around the number of event we present every year.
20, it's the average number of legs corrected everyday day.
20, it's half of the number of training activities you are taking part to, every month.
However, we can't count how many hours we spent arguing, laughting, having so much fun, sharing, a little bit more every day, around our great passion in our division. 

Our division stands thank to every person who participated to its journey. To all of you, congratulations on keeping our community active. 

We want to thank you and invite you to join us ad celebrate this big achievment! Therefore, from this month until September 2021, we will mark this anniversary year with various activities where you will be able to get gifts, awards, portraits of Matthias, etc.

Nous espérons vous voir nombreux, fêter avec nous, ces 20 ans sur IVAO.