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Online Day - VA Evening

During our 20th Anniversary as well, the Online Day is once every 2 weeks from 21:00 to 23:00 local time!  

France Division and each FIR put in the spotlights territories or airport each online day edition.

This week, Flight Operation and Event departments are thrilled to put our certified VAs under the spotlights prepared an Online Day edition just for them!

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Indeed, you are all invited to this special Online Day evening, to join the VAs on their flight or insure they have a full ATC service throughout their flight, which are presented below:

  • LFRB - LFPO : ROSPO UT183 DEGEX UN482 NIMER (odd, FL350 max)
  • LFPO - LFSB : BUBLI UG42 LUL UM139 ARPUS (odd)
  • LFSB - LFMN : MOROK UN852 MILPA UM730 MEDAM Y24 VEVAR (odd, FL310 max)
  • LFBD - LFRB : CNA UN863 MANAK UT183 TIRAV UY110 NTS UM616 ARE DCT (even)
  • LFTH - LFPV : JULEE DCT MRM UM976 PIBAT (even, FL260 min, FL340 max) - French Air Force and military flight

VAs were split between all those routes and you can find details about it in the forum thread prepared by the Flight Ops department.

Airports entitled to one Online Day point are: LFRB, LFPO, LFSB, LFMN, LFBD, LFTH et LFPV.

Have fun!

Event rules

You may still claim your point toward the OnlineDay Award. You need to fill your participation report from your dashboard !

One point will be granted to :

  • Every pilot flying at least once between two airports of the list;
  • Every ATC opening a position related to one of the above airports.

If you wish to open an ATC position, or have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the FIR chiefs, they will be happy to help! Indeed reservation remains available for all via the IVAO system booking.

You may still open ATC positions on airport not in the list, of course.