Welcome to the French Air Cup 2021 !

So far this month you've already flown between Ajaccio and Sion to challenge your skills, you've rested a little between Toulouse, Hambourg, and Chester; what could be better to keep going than an old good challenge! And if you haven't figured that part out already, when we say challenge, we really mean it!

Indeed, to celebrate the division's anniversary, let us introduce you to the French Air Cup. This competition will cover three events, each promoting specific flying skills. Each contestant will get a mark for each round, and at the end of the three events, a ranking will be established for the pilots who will have taken part in the three rounds.

  • Round 1 : harness yourself as we are going for a aerobatic race (VFR) ! Time is key, but pay attention to remain inside the limit and don't miss the aerobatic figures!
  • Round 2 : Focus and learn your favorite SOP, this is an IFR flight for which you need to be perfect!
  • Round 3 : precison will be the key during this VFR flight

All pilots will be awarded with points, that will permit a ranking for each round but also for the whole competition! The latter settle the members that will receive the following rewards from our sponsors!


Big congratulations. You actually don't get only 1 but 2 giveways!


Beautiful! You also get your 2 giveways!


Vous complétez le podium et repartez avec votre récompense bien méritée !

Our sponsor AVIASIM offers 1 Discovery Session to be worth100€!

Thanks to our partner TFDi Design we add your new "PACX" licence so all your flights will be different!

Our sponsor AVIASIM offers 1 Discovery Session to be worth100€!

Thanks to our partner TFDi Design we proudly present your free 12-months subscription to SmartCars Prenium!

Our partner AEROSOFT offers 1 airport scenery so you can feel the real from your sim a little bit more!

Giveaways for each round will be presented in the round presentation!

Enough talking! Are you ready? Let's talk aerobatics!


For this first round, you'll be flying VFR from La Rochelle (LFBH) to Nantes (LFRS), all the while following a track along which aerobatic figures will have to be flown. Are you ready yet? Steady? Go!


In order to guarantee perfect equity between each contestant, we have created a booking system. In order to participate in the event and to enter the contest, it is MANDATORY to book a flight!

Booking my slot

Nota bene :

  • You may book one slot maximum.
  • Booking starts on 28/04/2021 at 10:00UTC.
  • After booking a slot you will receive a confirmation email on 04/05/2021 at 12:00UTC (please check your spam folder if you don't receive it)
  • Youmust confirm your booking before 06/05/2021 at 00:00UTC. If you don't, your booking will be canceled and the flight will be available for other pilots to book.

For this round, you may find rules, and important pieces of information to prepare for the race, including the presentation of navigation. Allow some time to familiarise yourself.

Let's go to the Crew Room


Winner will receive, from our sponsor Carenado, 1 aircraft of his choice, compatible with FSX/P3D or XP11.

Carenado is a software development Company that creates add-ons and expansion packs for computer based simulators such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3d, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Laminar Research X-Plane. focused on the aviation area creating high quality general aviation aircraft for the most widely used Flight Simulator software.

We are proud to say that the 2nd pilot in the ranking will win one fantastatic aiport scenery from our partner Jetstream Design!

JetStream Designs already released several addons, mainly sceneries for french and european known airports. These sceneries, of an amazing quality, are very much well-known in the simulation community.

Event rules

Indeed we have a last surprise… On top of ponts toward the Pilot event award and ATC event award, the French Air Cup 2021 will have you decorated with another special award : 

French Air Cup 2021 will be awarded with the Events & Tour - Aviation Celebration  for all members that would have joined, as a pilot or an ATC, all 3 rounds of the event.

This event will be awarded one point for the "pilot event award"  to every pilot who will have booked a slot and flown between LFBH and LFRS, during the timeframe of the event.