It is back !

No, you are not dreaming: on Saturday 4th December, join us from 00:00UTC for the biggest and greatest of IVAO's events, the Crowded Skies XVI ! 

The Crowded Skies, is the unmissable event on IVAO: involves dozens of countries worldwide providing extensive ATC coverage for literally thousands of online flights. We expect peak traffic to start building from 19:00 UTC so make sure you are able to join in and experience the very best that IVAO has to offer.

We are delighted that our sponsor Aerosoft will again be donating to charity 1 € for each simultaneous connection made to our network during the peak hour!

In France, we did our homework and prepared a little schedule, starting from 12:00UTC, to keep you steady to break the current record of 3004 simultaneous connections: we'll make every FIR shine, one after the other, throughout the afternoon, as a countdown to the pic time.

  • 12:00UTC-15:00UTC : LFBD, let's get warmed up!
  • 13:00UTC-16:00UTC : LFSB, slight touch in the East…
  • 14:00UTC-17:00UTC : LFML, it's getting closer;
  • 15:00UTC-18:00UTC : LFRN, lastly through Britanny;
  • 16:00UTC-20:00UTC : LFPG, boum badaboum, THE pic ! 


Throughout the afternoon, enjoy a great ATC coverage on our selection of airports, waiting for the pic. As you notice we made it so you can afford to fly between two  airports. 

Don't forget, you need to join us (as well) for the connection pic at 19:00UTC. specific rules apply to be elligible to the Crowded Skies Awards, please read the "Rules" section. 

Please remember:

  • It will be a busy day. Be considerate and patient!
  • Be ready and have your charts;
  • You may be instructed to hold, and maybe vectored in;
  • Pay attention not to obstruct an ongoing communication, particularly joining a new frequency;
  • Enjoy!




Join the party ! Booking are free, so please use the IVAO booking tool. Please be considerate when booking, pick the relevant position based on your knowledge and availabilities so everyone, you included, can enjoy this exceptional afternoon!

Enjoy, let's finally get this record broken!

Event rules

all participants will be issued an HQ award to mark Crowded Skies  to all members complying with the following rules. The award will be automatically granted to the participating members after the event (this process might take a few weeks)

  • Be online at least 20 minutes before and after the expected peak time of the event (19:00z), which means you have to be connected at least between 18:40z and 19:20z;
  • Pilots: 2 hours minimum of flying;
  • ATC: 1 hour minimum of ATC;
  • Staff members online as staff cannot get the award.

As Christmas is on its way, we'll get you a little bonus: 

This event will be awarded one point toward the "pilot event award"  for every pilot flying at least one flight from/to one of the airports in the spotlights during the afternoon, during the scheduled ATC coverage.