Heading for America!

On January 16th, the Events HQ department, with the French Events department collaboration, welcomes you for the second edition of the Americas Continental Online Day. Let's shine America as ATC or pilot!


Feel free to fly from or to America, or both them. You need to fly from or to at least one airport involved in the Event to claim one point toward the  HQ Event Pilot Award, see Rules section.

Please remind you :

  • Be ready and have your charts on board
  • Pay attention to not interrompt communication (especially when joining a frequency)
  • The most important : Have fun!



ATC service in an active division :

This event will take place in several divisions, you have to be a member of one of them or get a GCA (Guest Controller Approval) to be able to control.

For the French division, you could find the open positions on the IVAO France website. Don't forget to check the documentation and the procedures about these positions. Booking is free on the IVAO ATC schedule. Be careful, eligible French positions for this event are located in the American continent (French West Indies, Guyana and Saint Pierre and Miquelon).

ATC service in a non-active division :

If you want to control in a non-active division, request your preferred positions and your availabilities on the IVAO Events Booking System.

All requests will take in consideration by the IVAO ATC Operations Department. The final schedule should be available on January 14th. Pay note, this schedule is not under the responsibility of the French Event and ATC Operations departments. If you have any question, please contact IVAO ATC Operations Department.

Event rules

As pilot : Report your flight to get a point for the HQ Event Pilot Award, to all pilots flying outbound or inbound at least one airport from one of the territories involved in the Event

As ATC : Report your session to get a point for the HQ Event ATC Award, to all ATC controlling in the American airspace


Report your connection here