Online Challenge Day

Mess in Paris!

Here are the details for the Online Challenge Day, on July 05th  2022:

 The challenge

Paris ACC encounters some tools issues... You have to bring the best ATC and aeronautical engineers in Paris-Le Bourget to find solutions!

As ATC are overbooked, you could test some non-traditional IFR procedures... maybe visual approaches?


Don't forget that you can get any required chart from the SIA website, either in the AIP section for IFR flights or Flight Preparation section for VAC


IVAO France compiles most of regional and airport sceneries within a list, regularly updated and available from the IVAO France website, under the Pilot section.


The IVAO booking system is still out of service. Do not hesitate to contact FIR staff if you are interested in controlling during this challenge!

Event rules

You are still entitled to receive points toward the Online Day Award. You are to fill a participation report (Pilots & ATCs) from your dashboard or from the Event page.

One point will be awarded under the following conditions:

  • Every pilot flying from OR to a french airport, including Oversea territories;
  • Every ATC opening an ATC position under France division authority, for at least one hour and during the timeframe of the event.

To be awarded, do not forget to fill in the participation report after the event!