Ski Resort Christmas Flight

Winter is coming...

Winter is coming... Do you like fog, rain, cold conditions, and also snow, and Christmas? In early December, the Spanish and French divisions invite you to a dual airbridge between Reus (LERS) and Chambéry (LFLB) on Sunday, December 4th, between 15:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC. Come carry around the first skiers of the year to the Alpes ski resorts.


We suggest you follow these IFPS-validated routes:

LERS - LFLB: F300 BCN UN870 DIBER/NXXXXF320 UN870 SOSUR UZ188 SECON UM976 MRM UN854 MTL UY23 ROMAM (Even FL, max FL300 until DIBER, then between FL320 and FL400)

LFLB - LERS: ROMAM UY23 MTL UT161 DIVKO UN975 BGR UL110 GIR (Odd FL, between FL310 and FL370)

Be careful! Chambéry airport is a tricky one and category C limited (planes such as Boeing 737, Airbus A320, etc). The airfield is located in a mountainous area. The approach and departure procedures are particular, especially the circle-to-land approach for runway 36. Be ready! ;)

Please remember:

  • Be ready and have your charts
  • You may be asked to follow heading, hold or proceed directly to waypoints
  • Pay attention not to obstruct ongoing communication, particularly joining a new frequency
  • Do not hesitate to take more fuel than expected
  • Enjoy! :)



LFLB: SIA website (AIP > eAIP France > Currently effective eAIP > AD2)


LERS: Onfinal Studio [P3D] ; simMarket [MSFS]


Event rules

Pilots : Report your flight to get a point for the HQ Event Pilot Award. You have to fly between Reus (LERS) and Chambéry (LFLB), in either directions, within the timeframe of the event.

Report your flight here