A launcher, it's freight in quantity !

A cargo airbridge has been decided! Ahead of Ariane 5 mission in December, most of the deliveries are missing, being diverted to Fort-de-France earlier this year, because of incompatible weather conditions. It's your time to shy and help us convey all this freight to Cayenne, on 1st October, from 17:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC. Indeed, filling up a plane requires staff and... a plane, so we will need some pilots to fly towards Fort-de-France as well. Shuttles (no jokes here) will follow the previous ones, pick your mission!


Convey the plane and staff from Cayenne (SOCA) to Fort-de-France (TFFF), or the freight back to Cayenne, pick your flight!

Emergency situation, emergency reaction, dispatch has prepared the following routes to assist the flight prep:

  • TFFF - SOCA : F230 BORUS A555 BGI/NXXXXFL330 UA555 TRAPP UM786 KALEP (odd, max FL230 until BGI)
  • SOCA - TFFF : F320 SILAT UA247 BUXEX UA555 BGI/NXXXXFL240 A555 BORUS (even, max FL240 from BGI)

Please remember:

  • Be ready and have your charts;
  • You may be asked to follow heading, hold or proceed directly to waypoints;
  • Pay attention not to obstruct an ongoing communication, particularly joining a new frequency;
  • Do not hesitate to take more fuel than expected;
  • Enjoy ! :)


TFFF : SIA's website

SOCA : SIA's website



Event rules

Pilots : Report your flight to get a point for the HQ Event Pilot Award. You have to fly between Fort-de-France (TFFF) and Cayenne (SOCA), in either directions, within the timeframe of the event.

Report your flight here