European Relay Event

On the 8th of December you will be able to visit five of the most beautiful countries in Europe. We are happy to present you the European Relay Event, which consists of a four leg race that will be performed by teams and/or individuals. The event has its start in Amsterdam and will bring you to Charleroi, Lyon, Bilbao and finally to Lisbon, where you will see the chequered flag of the race.

Team up with other pilots and get from Amsterdam to Lisbon as soon as possible! A team consists of maximum four pilots and the four flights presented below can be devided between your team members. In order to participate in the contest you should register HERE. Joining the event without registration is allowed as well, but in that case you won't be able to take part in the contest. The details about the contest are on the registration page.

Report your flight here

Routes, sceneries and eAIP disponibles sur le forum :

Event rules


> We are to integrate the IVAO HQ Events & IVAO Relay Awards in this event, so get your wings down here and help out making the event a great success!

This event will be awarded with IVAO HQ Relay Award and also worth 1 point towards your IVAO HQ Events Award!