Online Day: Busy Edition

New Online Day Busy Edition!

Due to the success of the Online Day Busy Edition and Riddle Edition, we have decided to extented these editions, every other Tuesday evening, until beginning of 2024 at least.

Remind you:

  • Online Day Busy Edition: The aim is easy, flying from and to the French territory during the evening.
  • Online Day Riddle Edition: A riddle will be released one week before the Online Day, it will allow you to guess the field that will be placed under the spotlight. It is not compulsory to fly from/to this airfield.

During a four weeks period, you could participate at one Busy Edition and one Riddle Edition of the French Online Day.

If you have any interrogation, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

Here are the details for the Busy Edition on Tuesday, September 19th 2023 :

 Online Day: Busy Edition

Feel free to fly over France on Tuesday, September 19th from 19:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC!


Don't forget that you can get any required chart from the SIA website:

  • IFR flight: "AIP" section
  • VFR flight: "Preflight briefing" section


IVAO France compiles most regional and airport sceneries within a list, regularly updated and available from the IVAO France website.

Next Online Day edition: Tuesday, October 3rd - Busy Edition

Event rules

You are entitled to receive points toward the Online Day Award (25 are necessary). You have to fill a participation report (Pilots & ATC) from your IVAO France dashboard or from the event page.

One point only will be awarded under the following conditions:

  • Every pilot flying from AND to an airport within the French division for at least 30 minutes during the timeframe of the event;
  • Every ATC opening an ATC position under France division authority, for at least one hour and during the timeframe of the event.

You could recieve only one point maximum for each Online Day evening!