Cargo operations n°2

If you're looking forward to staying up late, this one is for you!

The Franch division is glad to invite you to its second "Cargo Operations" event. 
In order to explore different kins of events, we want to give you the opportunity to fly to Nantes late at night, arriving between 19:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC.


One straightforward goal: bring as much good as possible to Nantes (LFRS) arriving from an airport of your choosing.

Pssssst, if you are bold enough you can indicate the quantity in kg and the type of merchandise in your aircraft this evening. Who knows, ATCs might just give some sort of priority to the planes that interest them the most...

Please remember:

  • Be ready and have your charts onboard;
  • You will be asked to follow vectors and potentially enter a holding;
  • Pay attention not to obstruct ongoing communication, particularly joining a new frequency;
  • Do not hesitate to take more fuel than expected. Some delays could occur;
  • Enjoy ! :)


French IFR aeronautical charts: SIA website (AIP > eAIP France > Currently Effective eAIP > AD 2 AERODROMES CIVILS DOTES DE PROCEDURES IFR)


Nantes-Atlantique (LFRS) : IVAO FR [FSX/P3D/X-Plane/MSFS]

Event rules

This event will be awarded one point for the Pilot Events award for every pilot flying to Nantes-Atlantic (LFRS) during the event's timeframe.

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