2024 Paris Olympic Games opening ceremony

Welcome to Paris!

IVAO French division is delighted to invite you to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games opening ceremony!  For such a special event, we have planned various surprises for you in the form of two events: one for the opening, and one after the closing ceremony.

Every IVAO division has been invited to join us on this special day. Believe us, there will be plenty of aircraft to go around!

In order to make this occasion all the more special, we will be offering the following prizes to 4 pilots or ATCs:
  • 1 Simmarket voucher worth 50€;
  • 2 Simmarket vouchers worth 25€ each.

We will draw the winners after the two events, meaning mid September 2024. To enter the draw, please fill-in the following Google Form after the event and before 1st July 2024 at 19:00 UTC.



The principle for this event is extremely simple: fly to Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) to bring athletes, workers, or spectators to these Olympic Games.

The other participating divisions have each chosen a departure airport from which to fly. You can depart from any airport in France, or from one of the airports in the following list:

DivisionsAéroports de départHeures de départ
ATGraz (LOWG)14:00z - 18:00z
CAHalifax Stanfield (CYHZ)10:00z - 14:00z
CHGenève (LSGG)15:00z - 16:00z
ESPalma de Mallorca (LEPA)14:30z - 17:30z
GRAthènes (LGAV)14:00z - 17:00z
IRTehran Imam Khomeini (OIIE)
12:00z - 14:00z
ITRome Fiumicino (LIRF)
14:30z - 18:30z
LBBeirut (OLBA)
11:30z - 15:30z
NLAmsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)
15:30z - 18:30z
PTPorto (LPPR)
14:20z - 18:00z
ROBucharest Otopeni (LROP)
13:30z - 16:30z
SKBratislava (LZIB)
13:30z - 18:30z
THBangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)
04:30z - 07:00z
UAKyiv Boryspil (UKBB)
13:30z - 17:00z
10:00z - 14:00z
XMDamascus (OSDI)
11:00z - 15:00z

Please remember:

  • Be ready and have your charts onboard;
  • You will be asked to follow vectors and potentially enter a holding;
  • Pay attention not to obstruct ongoing communication, particularly joining a new frequency;
  • Do not hesitate to take more fuel than expected. Some delays could occur;
  • Enjoy ! :)


  • French IFR aeronautical charts: SIA WEBSITE (AIP > eAIP France > eAIP en vigueur > AD 2 AERODROMES CIVILS DOTES DE PROCEDURES IFR)


Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) : IVAO FR [FSX/P3D/X-Plane/MSFS]

Event rules

This event will be awarded one point for the HQ Pilot Event award for every pilot flying to Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) during the timeframe of the event.


Please click here to fill-in your report

Remember to fill in the Form cited above the "PILOT" section