Bordeaux 24H ATC

It is back! The one that makes you love coffee, the one makes you enjoy Night VFR, the one that keeps your eyes on the radar, the one everyone is waiting for:

24h ATC service at Bordeaux!

From Saturday 9th of November, 10:00UTC, to Sunday 10th of November, 10:00UTC come and enjoy 24h of full service.

To date, the 310 movements record, established in 2007 is still valid, we need you to make this record fall this year!

As a bonus this year, the Atlantic Crossing lands at Bordeaux on Sunday morning. Another great reason to join the Heavy traffics or to start your own transatlantic flight.

For sceneries, please visit this page.

Charts are available on SIA website.

Event rules

This event will be awarded with one point for "pilot event award" to every pilot who:

- fly at least one flight;

- fly within event schedule time.