Carnaval de Dunkerque

The city of Dunkerque spends a lot to ensure the famous Carnaval is a great success. For the busy weekend of 15th of February, the coucil decided to organised bus shuttles from the nearest airport: Calais-Dunkerque. Well, how to get there?

This is where we need you! Fly all those happy people to Calais. Challenge yourself with instrument approaches on AFIS-covered airport. If you're more fancy with VFR, we need you to get passengers from Lille to Calais. No worries, you'll get a full radio coverage on the way!

Event rules

This event will be awarded with one point for "pilot event award"   to every pilot who:

- fly at least one flight to LFST between 13:00UTC and 17:00UTC (alternate landing at LFJL will also be accepted if LFST is initial destination)