Pilot tools - AeroSors

This pages presents several tools developed for pilots by Hervé Sors.

The following tools have been developed by Hervé Sors and are freely available, along with many others, on the website www.aero.sors.fr 


The NavAids project is intended to update the flight simulator radionavigation beacons  (VOR, NDB) as well as, for the European zone, ILSs, intersections, airways, runway identifiers, lights and ground markings to match information published in the aeronautical documentation in force.

Updated files are available on each AIRAC cycle change.

Current version: AIRAC 2206; 16-June-2022

The RadioAids project includes a set of patched * .bgl files. An executable software ensures the installation, the backup of the initial files and the possible uninstallation.

The different organisation of FS9 and FSX / P3D radionavigation aids requires specific updates for each version of the simulator:

The revision history is available here.

Geographical coverage and installation information are detailed in an included pdf file we recommend you read thoroughly.

An update of the ILSs, runway identifiers (and some other airport data in the US) for regions outside Europe is also available here for FSX / P3D.


Adacalc (Advanced aeronautical calculator) is a utility that can accurately calculate a huge amount of aeronautical quantities including:

  • Atmospheric parameters
  • Speeds according to altitude and temperature
  • Wind components (en route and on a runway)
  • Routes and distances
  • Holding circuit parameters (with entry)
  • Unity conversions
  • ...

Tiny Flight Software (Tracker and Viewer)

The Tiny Flight Tracker is a program that allows, via FSUIPC modules (FS9, FSX, P3Dv1-v5, MSFS) or XPUIPC (X-Plane), an automated, simple and accurate recording of many flight parameters.

The saved settings can then be loaded and displayed as tabular data as well as in Google Earth (with all flight data via balloons) by the Tiny Flight Viewer application which is a customisable application.

The Tiny Flight Tracker and Tiny Flight Viewer are bundled together, they are fully portable and do not require installation.

The use of the Tiny Flight Tracker is mandatory for all divisional pilot exams in France.

Warning: This software is not suitable for Pilot Skill Tours. To this end, use the Skill Tracker available in the tour page.

Current version: 4.00;   May 2021 - Documentation


Tiny Flight Software v4.00