Long time no see


This is it, this anniversary year is now over. But what a year! You've been offered fly-ins, RFEs, airbridges, special evenings, and even a small competition! Wow! In order to end this year as beautifully as it has been lasting, we have planned an event at least as magnificent. Long story short, meet us at Basel!

Are you feeling nostalgic already? Worry not! For this very special day, we have asked many many former IVAO France staff members to join us flying or controlling this evening. This will be the occasion for us to thank them for bringing the division to what it actually is today.

So come fly from one of the fields written down-bellow, and meet us at Basel (LFSB)


In order to make this evening even more special, with our partner   we have decided to offer a "Discovery pack" to one of you.

To enter the draw, you will need to fill out this Google Form. After the event, we will perform the draw ourselves, and we will inform the winner by e-mail.

To have a chance to win, you shall:

  • Have filled in the Google Form here above;
  • Have flown or controlled to/at Basel during the event (please keep in mind that the Trackers will systematically be verified).

That is not it just yet ! From 13h UTC, join us on Twitch, where we will be hosting a live during the event



On the occasion of this event, all the other FIR have agreed to provide minimum ATC coverage and to offer a departure field of their own. We invite you to fly from one of the airports here below:

  • ordeaux FIR: Biarritz (LFBZ);
  • Brest FIR: Rennes (LFRN);
  • Marseille FIR: Montpellier (LFMT);
  • Paris FIR: Beauvais (LFOB).

The dispatch has prepared the following route for you:

  • LFOB : BUBLI UG42 LUL UM139 ARPUS - Odd flight level

  • LFBZ : VAVIX UN857 BEBIX UM129 KUKOR/N0337F180 G21 RLP/N0331F170 G4 LUL G42 ARPUS - Even flight level

  • LFMT : NG DCT MOLEN DCT MTL UM976 ETREK UN871 KINNI UZ67 LAMUR/N0352F220 UZ67 KORED UN871 KONOL Z59 LUMEL - Even flight level, FL280 maximum
  • LFRN : TABIL V20 NAMAR A53 OBATO/N0410F280 UN873 RONAX UL976 TABOV/N0420F350 UN491 MELKO UM606 MANAG UM139 ARPUS -  Even flight level initially, FL280 maximum over OBATO, then after TABOV, odd flight level, FL350 maximum


  • This should be a busy event, take some extra fuel;
  • Be ready and have your charts;
  • You may be instructed to hold, and maybe vectored in;
  • Pay attention not to obstruct an ongoing communication, particularly joining a new frequency;
  • ENJOY!



Event rules

This event will be awarded one point for the "pilot event award"  for every pilot flying at least one flight to LFSB, during the timeframe of the event.