SO Event - October Wind Tactical Exercise

Celebrating start of Fall, SO department invites your brush against the top of the trees during a tactic exercise during which you will discover what a tactical flight means, using entry and exit points, as fighter pilots do in real life. This flight will make you fly over forest, landforms from Auvergne, so get ready to brush the top of mountains !

If you feel more comfortable higher, leave the fighter in the shed and pick the tanker performing thrilling AAR (Air to Air Refueling) in the dedicated airspace.

We kindly remind that you must be register on the habilitation SO list in order to be entittle to take part to this event, as an ATC or a pilot.


SO Department has prepared an ATO (Air Tasking Order) to brief on your mission today.

=> Get the ATO here (FR only) <=


Some suggestions are available on the IVAO France website