ATC School Tour 2021-2022

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Touir outre mer

Opening date and time

16/08/2021 14:00 UTC

Closing date and time

15/07/2022 23:59 UTC

Total distance



ATC School 2021-2022 tour specific rules 

  • The choice of airports is yours. Only one condition : an ATCSchool Module must happen on one of your airport, and you must attend to it, either on a departure or on an arrival
  • Only ATC School modules count for this tour. ATC Training and  exam are excluded. 
  • The ATC School module must be displayed on the division's calendar
  • It is not necessary to depart from the same airport than your previous arrival
  • A maximum of 1 daily leg is permitted. A flight between 2 ATCSchool modules counts for 1 leg. 2 flights on a single module count for 1 leg. 
  • ATC must be contacted at the latest 1 hour before the beginning of the module
  • A maximum of 2 legs in a row are permitted with the same flight rules. ie : you cannot perform 3 IFR flights in a row. The 3rd must be a VFR flight. 
  • Y and Z flight plans are permitted. However, the flight rules used during your participation at thje module will be taken in account. 
  • For  VFR flights : 
    • A 30 minutes airborne flight is a minimum required to validate your flight
    • Only aircraft with APC CAT A or B are allowed
    • Real weather is optionnal 
  • For  IFR flights :
    • A departure or an arrival are required to validate the flight
    • Real weather is mandatory
  • To ease pirep's validation, the repport **must** contain at least : 
    • The ATC School module you attended
    • The flight rules (IFR or VFR) during the module. For Y or Z flight plan, please indicate only the flight rule you were during the module, either VFR or IFR. 
  • This tour is based on division's ATC Training. Trainers reserve the right to reject a leg, should a pilot do not execute requested instruction from ATC, or disturbe the module
  • All aircraft are permitted, exception made for military aircraft
  • Pilots complying 20 legs following those rules, will be awarded with Pilot Training Assistance award

List of legs

1. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
2. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
3. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
4. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
5. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
6. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
7. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
8. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
9. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
10. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
11. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
12. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
13. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
14. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
15. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
16. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
17. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
18. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
19. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
20. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details