C160 Transall farewell tour

This tour is finished.

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With your Transall, C130, A400m, or your favorite military turboprop, complete the 17 legs of the farewell tour of the C160 Transall.

These legs will take you across France, drop parachutists, perform low passes, etc.. 

For almost each legs, a route is proposed, and the complement to insert in field 18 of your flight plan is given to you.

Thank you for respecting flight plan elements, and tour rules !

Enjoy your tour !

Opening date and time

18/04/2022 06:00 UTC

Closing date and time

01/09/2022 22:00 UTC

Total distance

2582 NM


This tour is reserved to the members included in the special operations authorization list (Rule 1.6). For non-division member, please contact us to obtain a granted number

• This tour is reserved for military turboprop aircraft as C160, C130, A400M, CASA 235.

• The legs must be flown following their order, connected online on the IVAO network and with real weather.

• Each flight must be performed in real time (simulation speed x1). "Accelerated" mode is prohibited.

• You have to read each leg description, a complement for item 18 is given, you have to use it in your flight plan.

• The submission of a correct flight plan is mandatory for the leg to be validated. In particular:

• Use of a military CALLSIGN (see list of CALLSIGN)

• Use of the military flight type (M)

• The presence of ATC is not necessary for the validation of the leg. However, it is reminded that any pilot performing a flight in an area covered by an ATC (civil or military) must contact him and follow his instructions.

• Speed inside low level network is fixed at 210 kts or 280 kts depend on aircraft performance.

• It is mandatory to follow the published departure and arrival procedures. The executed procedures must be specified in the flight report.

• It is mandatory to disconnect at the end of each flight. Two legs performed within the same connection will not be validated.

• For the IVAO tracker to record the entire flight, you must be connected at least 3 min before take-off and remain connected at least 3 min after landing.

• Compliance with speed restrictions is essential and will be particularly checked during corrections. Reminder: 250 kt maximum below FL100.

• Legs must be flown in military GAT, except last leg must be flown in OAT.

• Leg (17) involving flight in the high-speed low altitude network (RTBA) may only be flown on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 06:00 to 22:00 UTC and on Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 to 22:00 UTC when the corresponding areas are active. Outside these time slots, RTBA flights are prohibited, and the leg will be refused.

• Legs (1, 5, 13, 15) involving flight into reserved areas may only be flown on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 06:00 UTC to 14:00 UTC when these areas are active. Outside of these time slots, flying over these zones is prohibited and the leg will be refused.

List of legs

1. LFOE - LFRH200 NM- Details
2. LFRH - LFBZ270 NM- Details
3. LFBZ - LFBP48 NM- Details
4. LFBP - LFBF78 NM- Details
5. LFBF - LFKC331 NM- Details
6. LFKC - LFLS226 NM- Details
7. LFLS - LFOE276 NM- Details
8. LFOE - LFPV41 NM- Details
9. LFPV - LFOJ50 NM- Details
10. LFOJ - LFDN169 NM- Details
11. LFDN - LFJR104 NM- Details
12. LFJR - LFBD165 NM- Details
13. LFBD - LFMY261 NM- Details
14. LFMY - LFMY0 NM- Details
15. LFMY - LFOE363 NM- Details
16. LFOE - LFOE0 NM- Details
17. LFOE - LFOJ66 NM- Details