Sprechen Sie Deutsch

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This year we proudly present a joint IFR Tour between France and Germany Division.

We invite you to fly between our both countries and to explore all different types of airports. Expect a variety of big, middle sized and even small ones. 

Enjoy the beauty and nature, the culture or even the international feeling of France and Germany. 

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" or "Parlez-vous fran├žais?" will be available starting on 5th January 2020

Please note that you can achieve the IFR Tour Award only once (either issued by french or german Division).

Opening date and time

05/01/2020 00:01 UTC

Closing date and time

04/01/2021 22:59 UTC

Total distance

11769 NM


  • All legs must be carried out on IVAO network with real weather.
  • All legs have to be flown in the right order.
  • This tour is IFR only. Only IFR flight will be accepted.
  • Flights must be performed in real time (sim rate x1 only - sim rate above x1 is strictly forbidden).
  • IAS 250kts below FL100 must be respected.
  • Members not communicating intentions on Unicom 122.800, or crashing into other traffic, can be excluded from participation.
  • Completed flights must be reported after each leg by using flight report so that to be validated.
  • Legs has to be reported only in one site, either German or French division for the entire tour. 
  • Please report any contacted ATC in your flight report
  • A direct flight will be accepted with authorization from the controller only, legs report form must be reported.
  • You must disconnect after each completed leg.
  • Please pay attention to your flight plans :
    • Flight plans with wrong departure/arrival airfields will NOT be accepted.
    • Pay attention of your plane's equipments, they must be compatible with your plane.
    • Pay attention to indicate "PBN" in your FPL (RMK/18) if your aircraft is RNAV equipped.
  • To be connected a minimum of 5 minutes before take off and stay connected a minimum of 5 minutes after landing, for the correct record tracker.
  • Every pilot having completed all legs of the tour in accordance with the required conditions will be awarded.
  • For each step, a route is proposed and validated IFPS at the time of its establishment. This is only a suggestion : you can create your own route !

List of legs

1. EDFH - LFCR385 NM- Details
2. LFCR - EDDC608 NM- Details
3. EDDC - LFLL474 NM- Details
4. LFLL - EDDW463 NM- Details
5. EDDW - LFRB572 NM- Details
6. LFRB - EDDR458 NM- Details
7. EDDR - LFBH382 NM- Details
8. LFBH - EDDK434 NM- Details
9. EDDK - LFBZ567 NM- Details
10. LFBZ - EDVK650 NM- Details
11. EDVK - LFKC534 NM- Details
12. LFKC - EDSB376 NM- Details
13. EDSB - LFRN393 NM- Details
14. LFRN - EDDG437 NM- Details
15. EDDG - LFLC420 NM- Details
16. LFLC - EDDP494 NM- Details
17. EDDP - LFQQ349 NM- Details
18. LFQQ - EDBH418 NM- Details
19. EDBH - LFJL401 NM- Details
20. LFJL - EDHK355 NM- Details
21. EDHK - LFLB550 NM- Details
22. LFLB - EDDE379 NM- Details
23. EDDE - LFMP595 NM- Details
24. LFMP - EDMA480 NM- Details
25. EDMA - LFPG334 NM- Details