Pilot Skills 2018-2019

This tour is finished.

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21 legs to the top of the skills, dense schedules, challenging procedures ... but still some leisure and free time

Opening date and time

15/12/2017 00:01 UTC

Closing date and time

14/12/2019 23:59 UTC

Total distance

7293 NM

Skill Tracker V3

Required - Download page


  • Every pilot having completed and validated all legs in accordance with the required conditions will be awarded the "Division Skills" award
  • The legs to be performed are detailed in the briefing (version EN 1.00). It is strongly advised to read it carefully since it contains important information on the elements required for each leg
  • The legs must be performed in the right order
  • To complete the 21 legs of the tour each pilot has one year from the date of submission of the 1st leg (whether it has been accepted or refused)
  • The use of the Skills Tracker is mandatory. The download link is here
  • It is mandatory to disconnect at the end of each flight
  • It is mandatory to be connected at least 5 min before take-off and to remain connected at least 5 min after landing
  • The legs must be submitted by sending a flight report including the tracker file corresponding to the leg performed. It is essential to take into account the comments of the validator for each leg, including in case of validation
  • The departure, arrival and approach procedures are to be mentioned in the report
  • ATCs contacted are to be mentioned in the report
  • All legs must be performed on the IVAO network
  • All legs must be performed with real weather (IvAp weather engine or your addon)
  • All legs must be performed at the actual time (simulator time synchronised at the actual time)
  • All legs must be performed in real time (simulation rate x1 - accelerated mode forbidden)
  • The use of UNICOM in text mode (in the absence of active controller) is mandatory
  • The chosen aircraft must be appropriate for each leg, as indicated in the briefing
  • The flight plan must be valid (IFPS validation), otherwise the leg will be refused
  • The speed restriction IAS < 250 kt under FL100 must be respected
  • RNAV procedures are not allowed when a conventional procedure exists and is available
  • Direct flight (DCT) is allowed on authorisation of the controller only. Please specify (with the given direct) in the report

List of legs

1. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details
2. LFPO - LSZB234 NM- Details
3. LSZB - LFPO234 NM- Details
4. LFPO - LFMP360 NM- Details
5. LFMP - LFPO360 NM- Details
6. LFPO - LFLU252 NM- Details
7. LFLU - LFPO252 NM- Details
8. ZZZZ - LFES-- Details
9. LFES - LFES0 NM- Details
10. LFES - EGTK244 NM- Details
11. LFPG - UGTB1819 NM- Details
12. UGTB - LFPG1819 NM- Details
13. LFPB - LSZS334 NM- Details
14. LSZS - LFPB334 NM- Details
15. LFPG - LIRQ475 NM- Details
16. LIRQ - LFPG475 NM- Details
17. LFKO - ZZZZ-- Details
18. ZZZZ - LFMV-- Details
19. LFMV - LFMN101 NM- Details
20. LFMN - LFKO141 NM- Details
21. ZZZZ - ZZZZ-- Details