Marcel Goulette Raid's Tour 2022 - 2023

This tour is finished.

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Dive back into the 30s, with its aerial exploits, including this one, so Frenchy, and follow in the footsteps of the aviator Marcel Goulette and his crew who, aboard their Farman 192 (F-AJJB), were the first to connect the French metropol to the island of La Réunion, in 22 legs and 40 days. Of course to respect the exploit, we offer you this tour in vintage aircraft and in all conventionality (or almost) !

Opening date and time

01/12/2022 00:01 UTC

Closing date and time

31/12/2023 23:59 UTC

Total distance

6626 NM


General rules for tours

  • Those general rules for tours are applicable to all French division pilot's tours. Are excluded ATC tours and Special Operations tours. 
  • Some tours might have specific rules. In case of conflict, specific rules overrule general rules. 
  • All flight must be performed online on IVAO network, with real weather. They have to be accomplished in real time rate (simulation rate x1 only, accelerated mode prohibited) 
  • Legs must be accomplished in the published order 
  • Speed restrictions IAS<250kts below FL100 must be observed.
  • During cruise phases, a disconnection up to 20 minutes is tolerated, providing the fact that it does not disturb the network operation, especially under ATC coverage. Please report any disconnection in your pilot report. 
  • The use of UNICOM in text or voice mode, in absence of active ATC online, is MANDATORY. Legs might be rejected if not compliant. 
  • All legs must be validated by sending a pilot report. It is essential to read and understand validator's comment for each leg, including if the leg is validated. We advise to not pursue the tour without validation of previous leg. 
  • Pilot report must be sent within 12 days following the flight date. Any leg sent outside the window will be rejected. 
  • Pilot report must include list of ATC contacted during the flight, and procedures performed during the flight. 
  • A 'Direct to' is allowed, only with ATC instruction. Please mention any direct obtained in the pilot report. 
  • It is mandatory to disconnect from the network at the end of each flight. 
  • Pilots will be particularly aware of:
    • In IFR:
      • Parity Odd/Even
      • Minimum and maximum airways altitudes
      • Published procedures when ATC is offline
    • In VFR:
  • Take a really good care of your flight plan:
    • Flight plan with wrong or misspelled airports will be rejected
    • Filled equipment must be compatible with the aircraft
  • Prevailing flight plan will be the active one during take off
  • Operate the flights under military or any other Special Operation type is not allowed. Type of flight must only be G, S or N. 
  • It is requested to be connected on the network at least 2 minutes before take off, and stay connected at least 2 minutes after landing. This will allow the tracker to save your flight entirely. 
  • An IFR route, IFPS compliant at the time it is published, might be proposed on some legs. It is only a suggestion, you can perfectly fly your own route. 
  • One flight can only be reported once, for one leg on one tour, even if the leg can fit for 2 tours or more.
  • Flight as a crew of two pilots, with shared cockpit functionality, is permitted on division's tours. However, only the pilot "master" of the connection is allowed to fill a pirep. The second pilot, connected as an observer, will not be allowed to fill a report based on this flight. 
  • Should there is any follow-up or contestation after a leg validation, everything has to be sent only at Supported languages are English or French. They have to be sent no later than 7 days after leg validation

Specifics rules of the Marcel Goulette Raid's Tour :

  • The choice of aircraft is free as long as it's a propoller and that is first flight took place before January 1st 1954.
  • The tour has no category limit: A, B, C, and D are accepted.
  • Helicopters are not allowed on this tour.
  • Ensure that the selected aircraft has the required range for the intended flight, no refuelling stops will be permitted.
  • The aircraft’s RNAV (R) equipment may be included in the flight plan but the device’s PBN certification will therefore be limited to a maximum of RNAV 5 (PBN/Bx), RNAV 2 (PBN/Cx), RNAV 1 (PBN/Dx) and RNP 1 (PBN/Ox). RNP APCH categories (PBN/Sx and PBN/Tx) will not be accepted. (this limitation allows you to use RNAV capability on flight operations, SID/En-Route/STAR, but no approaches other than conventional one).
  • GNSS (G) equipment can be used.
  • The flight regime is free: I/IFR, V/VFR, Y/IFR2VFR, Z/VFR2IFR, however depending on the flight regime certain rules must be observed :

            - I/IFR: Compliance with parity and restrictions of routes used, compliance with published procedures. And maximum flight level FL115 unless "R" and PBN/O2 entered in the flight plan.

             - V/VFR: Maximum flight level at FL200 and compliance with integrations and special areas (R, P, D) and classes A (TMA/CTR).

             - Y/IFR2VFR and Z/VFR2IFR: Current regime restriction.

  • All pilots finishing this tour will receive the division award :

  • We also offer the crew’s logbook written during the trip. Attention, this is not written by IVAO France but the transcription of the story and the comments only engage its original author : Jean-Michel Bourgeois

    Logbook link (in French Only) :

List of legs

1. LFPB - LFMP374 NM- Details
2. LFMP - LELC342 NM- Details
3. LELC - DAOO129 NM- Details
4. DAOO - DAOR252 NM- Details
5. DAOR - DAUA253 NM- Details
6. DAUA - DATM393 NM- Details
7. DATM - GAGO312 NM- Details
8. GAGO - DRRN209 NM- Details
9. DRRN - DRZR397 NM- Details
10. DRZR - FTTJ367 NM- Details
11. FTTJ - FTTA266 NM- Details
12. FTTA - FEFF285 NM- Details
13. FEFF - FZEA263 NM- Details
14. FZEA - FZWA486 NM- Details
15. FZWA - FZQA404 NM- Details
16. FZQA - FLKK230 NM- Details
17. FLKK - FQTT303 NM- Details
18. FQTT - FQQL213 NM- Details
19. FQQL - FMNM561 NM- Details
20. FMNM - FMMI198 NM- Details
21. FMMI - FMMT116 NM- Details
22. FMMT - FMEE384 NM- Details