SO Tour 2018

This tour is finished.

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Affiche 2018

The France Division SO Tour is a 18 legs.
This tour is reserved for French military aircraft (type fighter jet, transport aircraft, helicopter).

Opening date and time

06/01/2018 07:00 UTC

Closing date and time

31/12/2018 23:20 UTC

Total distance

8775 NM


Rules :
•    This tour is reserved for French military aircraft (type fighter jet, transport aicraft, Helicopter )),
•    All legs must be carried out on IVAO network with real weather.
•    Flights must be performed in real time (sim rate x1 only - sim rate above x1 is strictly forbidden).
•    The presence of an ATC is not necessary. However, any driver taking a flight in an area covered by an ATC must contact by TS/text.
•    RTBA speed is fixed at 450Kts for fighter jet, 210Kts or 280Kts for tactical transport aircraft
•    For the leg RTBA you have to note in your report passing times on no report
•    If presence ATC, adhere to the instructions.
•    Follow the published route for the steps involved.
•    Meet the published departure and arrival procedures, made must be reported in the leg report .
•    Automatic Pilote (PA) must be disconnect before landing   
•    Use a corresponding plane to the type of flight requested for each step.
•    Use a military code.
•    You must disconnect after each completed leg.
•    To be connected a minimum of 5 minutes before take off and stay connected a minimum of 5 minutes after landing, for the correct record tracker.
Scenery Recommended :
•    You have to download scene TACAN SOTOUR2018
Flyght Plan :
•    Correct check for the type of military flight (M).
•    Enter in box 18: RMK/LEG ?? TSO2018.
File :
For some steps, a *.zip file (Archive) containing:
•    1 File *fsc.pln to use with 'FSC'
•    1 File *.kml for Google Earth
•    1 File *.fpl flight plan IVAP
•    1 File *.pln road FS9/FSX
En route maps:
•    Map (DIRCAM website) CAM RTBA.
Airfield charts available on the DIRCAM website:
•    Use the "MIAC 4" for arriving/arrival IFR/VFR.


Each pilot having completed all legs in accordance with the required conditions will be awarded.

List of legs

1. LFMC - LFTH20 NM- Details
2. LFTH - LFMY54 NM- Details
3. LFMY - LFKS214 NM- Details
4. LFKS - LFSI445 NM- Details
5. LFSI - LFSX77 NM- Details
6. LFSX - LFBM369 NM- Details
7. LFBM - LFRJ316 NM- Details
8. LFRJ - LFRJ0 NM- Details
9. LFRJ - LFSO401 NM- Details
10. LFSO - LFOJ171 NM- Details
11. LFOJ - LFBD215 NM- Details
12. LFBD - LFBC24 NM- Details
13. LFBC - LFOE286 NM- Details
14. LFOE - OMDB (optional step)2883 NM- Details
15. OMDB - LFOE (optional step)2883 NM- Details
16. LFOE - LFSI147 NM- Details
17. LFSI - LFMO270 NM- Details
18. LFMO - LFMC80 NM- Details