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VFR Online Day

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VFR tour with the possibility make a leg (one time in two) on Tuesday of Online Day. The next leg has to be done at your discretion, within 2 weeks maximum to be able to do the 3rd leg the evening of Online Day to come up, and so on.

Opening date and time

26/05/2020 00:00 UTC

Closing date and time

31/05/2021 23:59 UTC

Total distance

2908 NM


  • All legs must be carried out on IVAO network with real weather.
  • All legs have to be flown in the right order.
  • Legs 7, 8, 19, 20, 30 and 31 are not available on MSFS2020. You will either install a scenery, or change the missing airport by one of your choice
  • Flights must be performed in real time (sim rate x1 only - sim rate above x1 is strictly forbidden).
  • Members not communicating intentions on Unicom 122.800, or crashing into other traffic, can be excluded from participation.
  • Completed flights must be reported after each leg by using flight report so that to be validated.
  • You must disconnect after each completed leg.
  • Please pay attention to your flight plans :
    • Flight plans with wrong departure/arrival airfields will NOT be accepted.
    • Pay attention of your plane's equipments, they must be compatible with your plane (a C172 can't be equipped with RVSM, for example). 
  • Each leg has to be flown :
    • According to visual flight rules.
    • In VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions).
    • You must follow published VFR path : it will be checked !
    • Follow the integration procedure of traffic pattern : it will be checked ! 
  • Restricted to category A single-engine aircraft piston and helicopters.
  • To be connected a minimum of 5 minutes before take off and stay connected a minimum of 5 minutes after landing, for the correct record tracker.
  • Every pilot having completed all legs in accordance with the required conditions will be awarded.

List of legs

1. LFLC - LFBL83 NM- Details
2. LFBL - LFBD101 NM- Details
3. LFBD - LFBH83 NM- Details
4. LFBH - LFRS61 NM- Details
5. LFRS - LFRN55 NM- Details
6. LFRN - LFRG108 NM- Details
7. LFRG - LFOT118 NM- Details
8. LFOT - LFPM105 NM- Details
9. LFPM - LFOK60 NM- Details
10. LFOK - LFST137 NM- Details
11. LFST - LFSB57 NM- Details
12. LFSB - LFGJ91 NM- Details
13. LFGJ - LFLL80 NM- Details
14. LFLL - LFML137 NM- Details
15. LFML - LFMT55 NM- Details
16. LFMT - LFBO113 NM- Details
17. LFBO - LFBE80 NM- Details
18. LFBE - LFBI106 NM- Details
19. LFBI - LFRZ109 NM- Details
20. LFRZ - LFRB114 NM- Details
21. LFRB - LFRD93 NM- Details
22. LFRD - LFOP137 NM- Details
23. LFOP - LFPT38 NM- Details
24. LFPT - LFOB21 NM- Details
25. LFOB - LFAT66 NM- Details
26. LFAT - LFQQ56 NM- Details
27. LFQQ - LFJL154 NM- Details
28. LFJL - LFLN179 NM- Details
29. LFLN - LFLB90 NM- Details
30. LFLB - LFTW129 NM- Details
31. LFTW - LFCR92 NM- Details
32. LFCR - LFLC87 NM- Details